Really? 3.19.17 Trump’s Approval Goes From Bad to Worse & Some Other Stuff.

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Donald Trump’s approval rating falls to a new low – 37%. Does he have a floor? (h/t The Hill)

Tim Allen complains that being a liberal in Hollywood is like living in Nazi Germany. Is that the Nazi Germany where ‘enemies of the state’ earn $1.25 million per episode to make a sitcom? Sure, Hollywood is liberal. But there are plenty of conservatively inclined industries – say the oil and gas business. Hollywood may say some stuff that blows up conservative skirts, but fossil fuel gave us the Secretary of State. And let’s not talk about the bankers. (h/t NY Post)

And speaking of that guy. Rex Tillerson – the man who can’t be bothered with the media – warns that North Korea is an imminent threat. Is it? Indisputably they would like to be. But haven’t we heard this hysterical imagining before? Remember Condoleeza Rice’s “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud”. Or Vietnam is a ‘domino’. And whatever the rationale for invading Grenada was. Haven’t we wasted enough American blood and treasure based on lies? (h/t Politico)

A Trump voter in Jones County, Georgia, who relies on meals-on-wheels was astounded to discover that Trump wanted to cut federal funding for the program. She registered her disbelief in words that were brilliantly incisive – if unintended – “I was under the influence that he was going to help us.”  (h/t CBS News)

On ‘Face The Nation’, John Dickerson ask Ted Cruz if Donald Trump can be trusted – using the logic that “it takes one to know one”, I suppose. Cruz lived up to his slippery reputation by dodging the question. Although in avoiding the question, he answered the question. Ted Cruz may be the poster child for expedient cynicism, but even he couldn’t bring himself say America’s foremost liar was trustworthy. (h/t Mediaite)

An American citizen, an ex-Police Chief no less, discovered he has fewer rights than he thought – especially as his name is Hassan Aden. As he returned to JFK from his mother’s 80th birthday party in Paris, Customs & Border Police took Aden to a repurposed storage room. There, signs told him he had to stay seated and he that he couldn’t use a phone. He was assured he had not been detained – but he wasn’t allowed to leave. (h/t Fusion)


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