Really? – 3.9.17 – Republicans Make It a Bad Day for Truth, Science, Deficits, Health & Christianity

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It seems that ex-National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, when he wasn’t holding Russian hands, was also acting as an agent for Turkey. Oh well, says the White House, that’s not on us, he was a private citizen at the time. That was too much even for Fox News’s Shep Smith, who was moved to say, “It’s too much lying and too much Russia and too much smoke, and now they’re investigating. Where are we in this thing?”

It safe to say that most Americans have the same question.


Jim Inhofe – A hero to the confederacy of dunces.

Scott Pruitt was appointed by Donald Trump to be the fox who guards the EPA’s henhouse. As Oklahoma’s Attorney General he repeatedly sued the EPA for putting health considerations ahead of profit. So it is no surprise that he denies that carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global warming. Pruitt is a lawyer, so it takes chutzpah for him to make scientific judgments.

Almost as much chutzpah as his fellow Sooner, Sen Jim Inhofe, claiming that global warming was a hoax because he could bring a snowball to Congress.


It’s been obvious for awhile – actually since he first said it – that Mexico wasn’t going to pay for Trump’s folly (aka the border wall). Yet today Mitch McConnell was asked if the Mexicans would be paying. His blunt reply? “No”. Full marks for honesty, I suppose. However, some Trump zealot, Joseph Borelli, denied the obvious and said that McConnell was just trying “to be a little funny”.

Billions of taxpayer dollars are funny? No wonder there are so few conservative comics.


The reaction to the Republican healthcare plan has been almost entirely negative. But Trump isn’t a big believer in facts or truth. Hence this tweet:

Some may call it wishful thinking. Others may see it as the ranting of a man avoiding reality. Or perhaps he just means that patients will be able to pay for their healthcare with artwork.


Cindy Jacobs – Not an expert on Jewish culture.

Evangelical Christians are not the brightest people. Let Cindy Jacobs bear witness to this. She preached that God had a plan to convert Jews to Christianity by making Christians rich. In her words:

“I believe that’s going to bring a great harvest of Jews is the Christians becoming so profoundly wealthy … that it’s going to make them jealous.”

There is one glaring deficiency in her philosophy. Let me give you a hint: Who do you associate more with the professions, and their concomitant salaries, Jews or evangelicals?

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