Trump: The Welfare Emperor Picks the People’s Pockets.

by Pitt Griffin on March 26, 2017 · 0 comments

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Donald Trump is keeping Melania and Barron in New York until the end of Barron’s school year. This has irked New Yorkers who have to deal with the inconvenience and expense of a security lockdown in the middle of Manhattan. No doubt some Trump apologists argue that he is only acting as a thoughtful father – who just happens to be President.

Codswallop. He’s the Commander-in-chief. Thousands of military families regularly uproot their kids with little notice. Military brats go to multiple schools. It goes with the job. But Trump is not a believer in noblesse oblige – although he is a fan of droit de seigneur.

In America, we retain the illusion that politicians and our political leaders are public servants. They, in turn, are at least supposed to pay lip-service to the idea. But Trump not only takes the oligarchs’ money, he also emulates their sense of entitlement – as well as their taste in cheap, gaudy decoration.

He should have been born in Russia – or some God-forsaken African hell-hole. He is temperamentally an autocrat. He has neither the ability nor intelligence to govern with consensus or nuance. Success in American politics is a product of dealmaking. And here the self-proclaimed master of the ‘Art of the Deal’ has been revealed as an impotent blowhard.

But if he can’t rule as the great dictators do, he can at least abuse Americans’ wallets trying to salve his pride and reinflate his ego. This picking of the nation’s pocket isn’t unexpected. He has always been careless with other people’s money. Witness his casual fleecing of the trusting enrollees of Trump University.

Putin might be able to jet around without censure from the state media, but his American poodle is still held to account. He may have reduced Fox News to an in-house PR firm, but the rest of the press still seems interested in reporting on his doings. So he has to justify.

His multiple trips to Mar-a-Lago, all on the taxpayers’ dime, are excused as work trips. His golf games as business meetings. A patent absurdity, he has a home office – and if he wants some recreational business bonding, the White House has a bowling alley.

His disregard of his neighbors is a lesson well learned by daughter Ivanka. She and Jared rent a home in Kalorama Heights, a ‘not for you or me’ DC neighborhood. There her secret service detail takes all the parking, while her staff decorates the street with rotting garbage as they cannot be bothered to learn the sanitation department’s pick-up schedule.

And let’s not start in on the boys – the Uday and Qusay of the family. What are the American taxpayers getting for their money? What is their return on investment? Nothing. Meanwhile, the Trumps’ global dealmaking is sponsored by real Americans struggling to make ends meet.

It is an abomination. Let an employee submit personal expenses to his employer. His reward would be a pink slip. And yet this is what the younger Trumps’ demand and they aren’t even employees.

Perhaps Trump’s base will see the man for the flimflam autocrat he truly is. But they already had the evidence of it and ignored it once. Luckily the majority of people see the wannabe Emperor is naked – but that will count for nothing unless they go out and vote.

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