One Hundred Days of Failure – Trump’s Dismal First Act.

by Pitt Griffin on April 29, 2017 · 1 comment

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So here we are at Day 100. A date of great significance or a meaningless mark on the calendar – depending on which Donald Trump you are listening to. Trump the candidate promised an epoch-making first act. Trump the President dismisses the benchmark as an irrelevancy.

Had he accomplished anything, he would have crowed a different tune. But the last minute push for a health care bill fizzled due to lack of interest. His grand announcement on taxes was the usual, unimaginative, detail-free, giveaway to the wealthy. And his border wall is no longer a wall and remains unfunded – as Republicans vie to outdo the Mexicans in their lack of enthusiasm for paying for his folly.

His only achievement is a series of declarations that the administration will look at things and issue reports.

By the calculation of all thinking people, Trump’s first 100 days were the least productive of any President since that standard became a thing. The only statistic the White House apologists could present as ‘proof’ of the great man’s greatness was the number of bills he had signed. Indeed, he outdid all tenants of the office since FDR – but can you name one of these legislative masterpieces? No? Hardly, the mark of an overachiever.

Had Trump’s kickoff been as glorious in reality, as it was in his imagination, he would have been in Washington tonight boasting at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. But the facts were too dismal to be spun. And his mind too fragile to stand the good-natured barbs of deprecation. And he retreated to a Pennsylvania backwater to bask in the adulation of the true believers.

And there Trump told the crowd he had the most successful first 100 days – apparently the standard is now a thing again – since God had created Presidents. The adoring hordes seconded his self-assessment. Hardly surprising as anyone persuaded that candidate Trump was up to the job, is unlikely to be swayed by evidence that President Trump is unequipped.

Which should give Democrats pause. If they are relying on Trump voters to come to their senses, they are on a fool’s errand. Success will only come if they can persuade the liberal voter to actually vote.

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William Schuessler May 20, 2017 at 12:47 am

I never cease to be amazed by all the so called “journalists”, whom are nothing more than indoctrinated, lock step, mindless foot soldiers of socialism. Two world wars, largely started by economically stagnant socialist regimes vs failed imperialism. The failed various socialist regimes, and degrees of socialism as practiced in the nations of Europe and Asia. Yet, still you endlessly espouse the the tenants and opinions of this rust bucket ideology. What does this comment have to do with this article? Trump….albeit a bit of a neophyte and a buffoon, politically, fails to see the collusion of the Clinton political machine and Russia. The Clinton`s brokering a private deal to sell yellow cake uranium and 25% interest in the mines that produce it to the Russians. And, likely a joint Clinton-Russian plan to attempt to contact as many potential trump administration members, even if only to discuss the weather and say ‘Hi’, in a lame attempt to create the appearance of impropriety. The entire free world knows the socialist Russians have more in common with helping the Clintons. Whats wrong with you “journalists”?


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