Really? – 4.5.17 – The Fox News Sty; Misogynists Unite; Trump on Syria – and some Other Stuff

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Fox News’ abuse birds have come home to roost. The New York Times shone a light on Bill O’Reilly‘s serial harassment and the price Fox News had to pay. Then a Fox contributor, Julie Roginsky, sued the network for gender discrimination. Fox has prospered under a misogyny cloud for years. Even Roger Ailes’ ouster for shameless abasement left the Fox powers-that-be unmoved. O’Reilly’s contract was renewed.

But if the Murdochs and current Fox President, Bill Shine, are casual in their disregard of basic decency, they do pay attention to the bottom line. And they will undoubtedly feel pressure to do something after advertisers cut ties with O’Reilly’s bombast. It doesn’t matter how many people gawp at your make-believe if there’s no money in it.


O’Reilly is not without friends. Donald Trump sprang to his defense. “I think he’s a person I know well — he is a good person.” He then offered Bill his technique for dealing with lawsuits, “I think he shouldn’t have settled; personally I think he shouldn’t have settled.” Adding, “Because you should have taken it all the way. I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”

While spouting this ‘bros before hos’ braggadocio, I suppose the self-confessed, pussy grabber hopes we forget he settled his Trump U fraud suit for $25 million – because apparently there are times when the evidence is too overwhelming to ‘take it all the way’.


In 2013, Trump said that President Obama would be nuts to get involved in Syria. In 2017, after Bashar Assad gassed his citizens, Trump said it was all Obama’s fault as he hadn’t done enough in Syria. When asked what he would do about Assad’s inhumanity, Trump replied that he would let us know – sometime – in the future – maybe. (The addenda are mine – but I think justified, as Trump is all promise and no action)


Ivanka Trump tweeted that the ‘Equal Pay’ day is a call for women to be paid the same salary for the same job. A noble sentiment, but fatuous in the face of her father’s actions. Most notably his repeal of Obama’s 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces initiative. He gave no reason for his action. So let’s just chalk it up to his pathological desire to hurt people.


Ivanka Trump and her father are known to be close. However, the New York Times did overstate their relationship. Although, they took the very unTrumpian action of apologizing.


Trump is as well known for his failures as for his successes. Currently, he is more up than down. His notoriety is supposed to have been good for his hotels and golf courses – although, we’ll have to see if the results match the blarney. However, it does seem as if his eponymous modeling business is floundering. Rumor has it that ‘Trump Models’ has fallen off the runway. (h/t Mother Jones)


Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council. His original appointment had been controversial as he had no familiarity with intelligence. So perhaps this adjustment was no more than redressing a wrong. But if you are a fan of analyzing the eddying cabals in the Trump White House it is noteworthy that it was Mike Pence who assured the media that Bannon (and Tom Bossert, also axed) were still “highly valued members of this administration” who are going to “continue to play important policy roles.” 

When a second-stringer lauds your role – while the big guy is silent – you should make sure your resume is up to date. At the very least you may have more time for your hobbies. (h/t Mediaite)

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