Really? – 4.6.17 – The ‘Luv Gov’; Mexicans, Russians – What’s the Dif?; Steve Bannon Met His Garlic.

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A Tale of Sin in the Heart of Dixie.

Republicans call themselves the party of family values. Evangelicals lay claim to morality. Gov. Robert Bentley is both – and has neither.

Despite being caught on tape extolling the joys of putting his hands up the shirt of aide Rebekah Mason and saying “If we’re going to do what we did the other day, we’re going to have to start locking the door” Bentley denies he committed adultery. His wife of 50 years could smell the BS and divorced the “Luv Gov”.

The legislature also took a dim view of Bentley’s shenanigans and moved for impeachment. Though they will do so without their old speaker Mike Hubbard, as he was convicted of using his office to make a quick buck. He received a 4-year sentence, despite getting a glowing reference from Rep. Mike Rogers himself a committed Baptist.

One of the charges against Bentley is that he fired Alabama’s top cop, Spencer Collier, for refusing to drop his investigation into Mike Hubbard. Then Bentley appointed State AG Luther Strange to fill Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat just as Strange was finishing his investigation into Bentley.

Bentley denied diddling Mason – but it seems likely he was dicking the people of Alabama.

Moscow’s Mariachi Band.

After a pathetic display of sucking up, Devin Nunes announced that he was stepping aside from the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Donald Trump‘s attachment to all things Russian. If you thought that anyone would be better in charge you don’t know Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX) Nunes’ replacement.

Conaway told the Dallas Morning News that the Democrats hiring Mexican singers to energize the Latino voters was the equivalent of Putin’s agent acting to help elect Donald Trump. Really? That’s like equating a guy admiring a woman with a governor shtupping his aide.

The night of the long ties

Darth Vader has no clothes

Until we get to know people, we only have their reputation to go on. Coming into the White House, Steve Bannon was viewed as a Darth Vader in the Dick Cheney mold. But whereas Dick Cheney had 30 years of legislative, bureaucratic and administration battles – mostly wins – to his credit, Steve Bannon had a thinner resume. Now he has been stripped of his National Security Committee seat. And the New York Times is not impressed with Bannon’s reputed smarts.

The paper says he’s a man with a lot of ideas – but as to his abilities, it is dismissive, saying, “fomenting xenophobia and manipulating a famously mercurial political neophyte are thin evidence of genius”.



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