May 2017

 Vive la France

The President stood next to Vladamir Putin and accused Russia of spreading “fake news” and “propaganda” during the presidential election. Adding that RT and Sputnik were “organs of influence and propaganda” and “behaved like structures of the government”. It’s too bad for America that the President was France’s Emmanuel Macron.  And I guarantee that Putin now has a lot more respect for him than he does Trump.

Macron even shows how to do the handshake correctly

Bad boss.

Sean Spicer is a devout Catholic who was excited at the prospect of meeting the Pope. When the day came his name wasn’t on the list and Spicer dreams were squashed. And that’s how Trump rolls. His apologists explain that Trump is just a kidder. His team is just one big family. And that his demeaning of inferiors is just to motivate them to achieve more.

That’s crap. You may well tease family. And Steve Jobs showed what could be achieved by demeaning people. But you don’t do it in public – as Trump loves to do.

Obama derangement syndrome.

Reports have it that Trump will reverse Obama’s policies toward Cuba. A certain amount of antipathy to political opponents is understandable. But Republicans seem so addled by ‘Obama derangement syndrome’ that if Obama had come out pro gravity, they would be against it.

In fairness, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is also pushing the Cuba reversal. Although it should be noted that Menedez was charged with – and face trial on – 14 counts of financial misdealing by Obama’s DOJ.

Healthcare on hold.

Lost in the excitement of Trump’s “Insult our Allies” tour – and drowned out by the ongoing revelations of the Russian brouhaha – is the fact that Washington is a government town and there’s governing to be done. In particular, the Republican plan to strip million of healthcare – which is now in the Senate’s court.

Mitch McConnell has dismissed the House version and shows no passion for a Senate version. “I don’t know how we get to 50 [votes] at the moment. But that’s the goal. And exactly what the composition of that [bill] is I’m not going to speculate about because it serves no purpose.” If I were a betting man, I would wager that Mitch has quit on Trumpcare and is eyeing tax ‘reform’ and deregulation longingly.


Trump Returns Home. Expect Tweets.

May 27, 2017

In summing up his trip abroad, Donald Trump told a captive audience of American military personnel in Sicily, “I think we hit a home run no matter where we are”. In short, he was Queen Victoria playing fantasy sports, while losing track of his tenses. Seriously, it is hard to think what his successes were. He […]

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Trump’s Excellent Adventure (Part II)

May 26, 2017

Donald Trump went to Belgium. There he met with our allies and was faced with a choice. He could assume the mantle of FDR, JFK, & Ronald Reagan – and stand foursquare as the leader of an America aligned with other democracies united in the unrelenting struggle against evil – whether it be an empire, an axis, […]

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It’s Not Just Terrorism: How Americans Die.

May 25, 2017

Nobody can watch the video of the bombing of Ariana Grande’s in Manchester – a concert attended by innocent youth – and not be shocked at the carnage. No reasonable person can fathom the thinking that convinces a man to strap on an explosive – designed to inflict the maximum suffering – and blow himself up in […]

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Trump’s Excellent Adventure

May 24, 2017

Donald Trump took to the road. He didn’t want to. He likes his own bed, predictable foods, and a steady diet of cable news. However, his hosts, after briefings from his handlers, took his fragility into account. There would be plenty of burnt steak and ketchup. Huge projections of his image on walls. And flattering […]

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What Republicans Can Learn From Derek Jeter.

May 19, 2017

The Yankees retired Derek Jeter’s number a week ago. The New York baseball great was an accomplished player and a man beloved by both the hometown faithful and his rivals. Even the hated Red Sox Nation saluted him. Which raises the question: Why? Simply put, he instinctively knew how to react and what to say. […]

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Trump, Russia, Flynn, Comey, Pence & the 2018 Election.

May 16, 2017

Trump defends his blabbing state secrets to the Russians by saying he has the right to say what he said. Which is to miss the point. Just because you have the right doesn’t mean you should. The Westboro Baptist Church has the right to say what they say. Predictably, Fox News is doing yeoman’s work […]

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Trump Zealots Just Can’t Quit Their Man.

May 14, 2017

The most notable feature of the Trump presidency is the slavish loyalty of his acolytes. Even as a majority of Americans see his term as an unremitting failure, Trump’s true believers see it as a blemish-free saga of extreme success. His approval ratings are dismal. But over 90% of those who voted for him say […]

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Why Was Comey Fired? The Administration Offers Everything Except the Truth.

May 11, 2017

The Trump administration is the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. All Presidents lie, prevaricate, spin – but no administration has done it worse since – and it is a fair comparison –  Nixon. Take the Comey firing. They obviously can’t admit the real reason. That either Comey was getting too close to an uncomfortable truth – […]

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