Republicans Have Never Met a Regular Guy They Wouldn’t Screw.

by Pitt Griffin on May 7, 2017 · 0 comments

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Republicans ran on the promise that they would repeal and replace Obamacare. They portrayed the ACA as so magnificently evil that any replacement would be better. Now House Republicans have kept half of their commitment. They did repeal and replace Obamacare, but remarkably they found something worse.

Trump helped. In his desperation to pass something, anything, to do with healthcare, he hit a level of perfection rarely seen in English butlers let alone in American politicians – he threw his weight behind a plan that was the exact opposite of everything he promised. He had guaranteed it would be cheaper, better and cover more people. It is more expensive, worse and covers at least 24 million fewer. But he counts it as a victory.

Which is consistent with all Republican achievement. Their standard for success contains no consideration for the citizenry. Republicans talk a lot about the ‘American People’, but do nothing to benefit them. Sure, the rich get theirs. But they are, at best, the top 5%. The other 95% can suck eggs.

Take tax cuts. The rich are awash in cash. Everyone else waits for a ‘trickle-down’ that never flows. Corporate taxes are more of the same. Owners get cake. But manufacturing jobs keep disappearing. Capital gains? Don’t get me started.

Same with banking regulations. Fewer regulations mean greater profit – and a greater likelihood of another crash. But don’t expect the average Joe to share in the largesse. And just in case there were crumbs left, the regular guy can kiss those goodbye as the Republicans ax the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Thereby allowing banks to gouge their customers.

Shedding environmental regulation is another victory for corporate America. Coal companies can squeeze the last few millions out of a dying industry. Coal miners can line up for fast food jobs. And never mind the stream pollution, ex-miners can buy bottled water – just like the urban elites.

Industrial Food and Big Pharma are not left behind in the scramble for profit. The ever solicitous GOP will not let safe food and drugs be an obstacle to their patrons’ profits. The people exist only to consume whatever is produced. Their wellbeing will take second place to the financial health of corporations.

The one thing Republicans can give the true believers is their ‘religious freedom’. Why not? It doesn’t cost anything. These cynics have discovered that if they spout some nonsense about freedom – and wave a flag – the eager mass will ignore the pigs wallowing in the national treasure. It makes one wonder just how many homophobic bakers there are in the US anyway.

Even religion is a profit center. One that represents the realization of the capitalist dream. The religious manufacture nothing. They sell an imaginary product. And the promised rewards accrue to the buyer only after he is dead. Genius. And giving the wealthy cover, the religious cynics have created the “Prosperity Gospel” – Jesus’ message be damned.

Republicans sold the Obamacare repeal as ‘freedom’ for the American voter. By which they apparently meant freedom from health care. Which echoes earlier claims that slavery – with its reward of food and lodging – was freedom from want for the African laborer.

Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star Tribune


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