Trump, Russia, Flynn, Comey, Pence & the 2018 Election.

by Pitt Griffin on May 16, 2017 · 0 comments

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Trump defends his blabbing state secrets to the Russians by saying he has the right to say what he said. Which is to miss the point. Just because you have the right doesn’t mean you should. The Westboro Baptist Church has the right to say what they say.

Predictably, Fox News is doing yeoman’s work defending Trump. Their strategy is twofold. One, claim that the real criminals are the leakers of Trump’s misdeeds rather than the deeds themselves. A strategy that is rendered ridiculous when Trump is the leaker-in-chief.

And two, say that what Hillary did was much worse – and besides Trump is entitled to (see above). However, Hillary didn’t spill any beans, while Trump is a self-confessed secrets spreader.

Will a man fired by Obama be the man who dooms the Trump presidency?

Lest we forget, there is still the Fynn affair. It turns out that fired FBI Director, Jim Comey, kept memos of all his meetings. In one covering an interview with the President, he reports that Trump had asked him to stop the FBI investigation of Mike Flynn. Which is arguably obstruction of justice

Unlike hearsay, these contemporaneously written memos are admissible in court. And while one memo can be dismissed as ‘he said, he said’, it becomes significant if other circumstantial evidence surfaces.

Which raises the question: what happens if Trump is impeached – or decides to resign? Obviously, Mike Pence becomes President. Are the Democrats sure they want that? Pence could be far more dangerous.

Trump is a stupid man, with a titanic overestimation of his abilities. And no core values other than to claim victory and slap his name on it. As such, he is an ineffective steward of the Republican agenda. Pence, on the other hand, seems willing to subsume his ego to the greater conservative goal. In doing so, he makes it far more likely that the Republicans would realize their dreams of deregulation, tax cuts and a return to Christian bigotry.

Of course, you could also argue that Trump’s demise would drive a wedge between the crazy base and the DC Republicans – creating a lack of enthusiasm which could imperil GOP turnout in the 2018 House elections. Thereby allowing the Democrats a road to legislative power.

The problem with prognosticating America’s political future is that no one – including Trump – knows what Trump is going to do next. So all is merely speculation.


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