Trump Zealots Just Can’t Quit Their Man.

by Pitt Griffin on May 14, 2017 · 0 comments

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The most notable feature of the Trump presidency is the slavish loyalty of his acolytes. Even as a majority of Americans see his term as an unremitting failure, Trump’s true believers see it as a blemish-free saga of extreme success. His approval ratings are dismal. But over 90% of those who voted for him say they still would.

It shouldn’t be a surprise. Anyone who found a reason to vote for a man so obviously unqualified and temperamentally unsuited for the job is hardly likely to turn against him because he is unqualified and rants a lot. He started his campaign with Mexican rapists and bleeding women, and he is still identifying enemies for people who are convinced they are facing a sea of bogeymen.

They believe his failures are someone else’s fault. Judges overstepping their bounds for instance. Or recalcitrant Democrats. And they are convinced that the media isn’t reporting on Trump’s successes. Which is odd – because they are addicted to Fox, and surely Fox is part of the media? Whatever, we have already seen that logic is not involved.

The biggest self-delusion of a Trump voter is the belief that Trump cares about them.

The voters may excuse the pussy-grabbing, the incest-dreaming, the biblical ignorance as the immorality of a man who has now found God. They may agree with Trump that the bankruptcies were just the way business is done in the US. They may laugh at the broken English and hyperbolic tweeting as ‘just Trump being Trump’.

They see the Comey firing as Trump ‘taking action’ against the ‘Washington swamp’. Besides, the Democrats are just whiny hypocrites – they were lobbying for Comey’s firing, weren’t they?

And many great men have flashes of anger, mistake a few facts, forget exactly what they said before.

But harder to explain is the zealot’s ready acceptance of  Trump repeated screwing of his sub-contractors, and his defrauding of the enrollees at his scam ‘university’. Somehow they convince themselves that the man who would so easily rob the little guy has their best interests at heart.

Democrats make a mistake if they think that the Russian thing will sink Trump. Unlike Watergate, the GOP has shown no stomach for running a meaningful investigation. On foreign affairs, a few well-timed bombings will satisfy the base. While tax cuts for the wealthy have no negative resonance with the Trump faithful.

But surely massive price hikes on their healthcare – or even losing it all together – would cause the most uncritical to consider their obeisance?

I fear not. There is a bloody-minded segment of the American electorate who will throw good money after bad. Who are so firm in their Trump monomania they will brook no suggestion their man is less than perfect. They may even know he is useless – but he is their kind of useless.

Until a recession hits. Then all bets are off. I doubt they will turn to the Democrats. But they will stay home. In effect voting for ‘none of the above’.

However, that prediction comes with an asterisk. Because, as H.L. Menchen said (albeit in more words) “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”


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