Donald Trump Thinks He Came Out Ahead in the Comey Thing.

by Pitt Griffin on June 11, 2017 · 1 comment

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Donald Trump thinks he had a good week. He crows that, one, the Comey testimony has absolved him of any wrong-doing in the Russian brouhaha. Two, that he hasn’t been under investigation. And three, that there is no evidence pointing to his complicity in an electoral fix. But as he smirks his victory grimace he should consider the arc of Watergate. Nixon was not initially under investigation. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. And the marathon of the Russia investigations is yet in the early running.

Talking of Watergate, let’s remember it is by no means clear that Nixon was involved in the break-in. His sin was the cover-up and interference in the investigation. The Comey firing doesn’t rise to the level of the Saturday Night Massacre – but there are whiffs of the same autocratic hubris. The sense that if the President does it,  it is excusable.

As of now, the GOP stands mostly united in support of Trump – much as the Republicans did behind Nixon in the early days. But if polls start to show jobs in jeopardy then all bets are off. Trump will discover that loyalty is directly tied to electoral viability.

Georgia will let us know which way the political wind is blowing. Republicans trumpeted victories in Kansas and Wyoming as evidence that Trumpism is a viable philosophy. But those wins were in overwhelmingly red districts and victory disguised shrinking margins. Georgia is a different flavor. Normally it would be considered a safe seat, but national interests have spent millions. And the Democratic candidate, John Ossoff, is ahead in the polls.

If this red seat turns blue, it would be hard for Republicans to explain it away. And a lot of GOP officeholders, who were feeling comfortable about their prospects, would reconsider where their loyalties lay.

But back to Trump basking in his swamp. He may believe that personal absolution puts the matter to rest. But he is not a lone actor. He is the leader of a team. A team whose legal problems are expanding. The list of sub rosa meetings between the Trump faithful and Putin’s agents keeps growing. Reports of dodgy financial dealings have ensnared some of the President’s men. Even his family has snouted the trough. And therein lies the rub.

As in Watergate, the investigators will start with the obvious miscreants and follow the guilt where it leads. And here Trump has done himself no favors. His family may stick by him, by he has not engendered a passionate loyalty among his staff. Few will fall on their swords – but most all will point fingers.

Is there a smoking gun? Was Trump involved in illegality? I doubt it. But I suspect that many around him are compromised. And he is a short step from shady dealings. The Russian affair will haunt his Presidency. He may not be implicated in Putin’s attempt to subvert the American election – but the investigation will educe from him such petulance that he will tweet himself into perdition.

He will ensure that his presidency becomes as compromised by his own weakness as it ever could have been by the machinations of a foreign power.

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Brenda Cooper June 17, 2017 at 5:07 am

If Trump owed the russians money, which is pretty much a certainty, they would far rather have him in the WhiteHouse than Hilary, and I suspect that the russians were smart enough not to let him in on the plot. Would you trust him with a secret? He rats himself out on a regular basis and if he doesn’t one of his kids will.
The diehard trump supporters have not yet cottoned on to the fact that a bankrupt businessman is a businessman that welched on his commitments and promises, in trumps case six times. His ex business partners, (victims) were all convinced that even though he’d screwed other people he would keep the faith with them. Con artists are good at that they wouldn’t be successful if they weren’t, trump is very good at the art of the con.


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