Trump and the Dictators: The Parlor Game.

by Pitt Griffin on June 9, 2017 · 0 comments

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Who is Donald Trump’s historical alter-ego? Which of history’s monsters best encapsulates the big man’s sins? Let’s consider.

The usual suspect, Adolph Hitler, is first for many. But that is lazy and inaccurate. Trump might tear a few pages out of his playbook – but mass murder is not on his agenda

The buffoonish Benito Mussolini is closer to the mark. The strutting. The jutting jaw. The blustering weakness. It is all projected in the belligerent, loud but ultimately vacuous Trump.

Caligula is a good match. He slept with the wives of prominent Romans and boasted of it to their husbands. He feuded with the Senate.  He liked to build things – and in doing so bankrupted the state.

A more modern contender is Romania’s Nicolae Ceaușescu. Especially with his love for ornate buildings. And Idi Amin rates a mention for his grandiose self-regard. But perhaps the best comparison is Saddam Hussien. Mainly because that takes into account the sons.

There is nothing to suggest that Uday and Qusay Hussein would have amounted to anything if not for their father. And they inherited his sadism. Donald Jr. & Eric owe their business success to working for their dad. And their blood lust is evidenced by leering pictures of them astride big game and Don Jr.’s love of shooting prairie dogs.

They may not indulge in the murderous rampages of the younger Husseins but they are equally dismissive. Take Eric’s declaration on the Sean Hannity show that Democrats “aren’t even people”. It is ‘standard operating procedure’ of dictators to dehumanize their enemies.

Saddam infamously displayed his sadistic sociopathy by calmly smoking as 66 supposed conspirators were dragged out of a Ba’ath party congress. Twenty-two were executed. Were they guilty? Who knows?But the public humiliation and evident satisfaction were notably Trumpian.

In fairness, there is nothing to suggest that Trump is homicidal. And hopefully, America’s institutions and traditions are strong enough to preclude mass political murder. But there is much in Trump’s psychology that is cousin to that of these autocrats.


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