Seven Years, No Plan, & Finger-pointing – Trump & the Republican Healthcare Fiasco.

by Pitt Griffin on July 23, 2017 · 0 comments

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Another week, another dismal seven days of Trump and the Republicans stumbling through healthcare repeal and replace – or just repeal, depending on the day of the week. Even after seven years in the wilderness, the GOP hasn’t the faintest idea how to get to the promised land. (But that hasn’t stopped them trying to take another crack at it in the Senate vote this week.)

Trump knows who to blame – the Democrats. No doubt his base will leap to his finger-pointing defense – but the thinkers in the congregation will note that the Republicans have majorities in Congress, as well as their guy in the big house. Regardless, Trump ices his blame cake by claiming the Democrats have no ideas and haven’t provided a single vote.

Which raises the questions: What is Obamacare – if it isn’t a Democratic idea? And how did it become law – if no Democrats voted for it?

The moral of this tale should be: Don’t blame your neighbor if you set your house on fire and he doesn’t keep a fire truck in his driveway.

But that is the way conservatives do business – fail and then blame someone else. Take the crash of 2007. Despite a Bush presidency and four previous years of Republican congressional control somehow it was Clinton’s housing policies that caused the banks to invest in magic mushroom, mortgage bonds.

The excuse was, as usual, redolent of racism. Whenever Republicans drag in the disadvantaged you know the peanut gallery takes a dark view of the matter. Economically distressed whites are in need of training and a job. Poor blacks are shiftless, immoral welfare royalty. Whites protest, blacks riot. A white with a gun is a patriot. A black is a hoodlum.

But I digress.

The Senate tries its hand at healthcare reform.

As everyone knows by now, Republicans spent seven years breathlessly promising that, with a right thinking President, America’s long, national, healthcare nightmare would be over. Their standard bearer promised something beautiful, cheaper, and more universal. The excitement would be unleashed on ‘day one’. It was not as advertised. The House whiffed on their first swing. But credit them. They did manage to get something passed.

It was not as advertised. The House whiffed on their first swing. But credit them. They did manage to get something passed.

However, you have to believe that they did so knowing that their sadism would never receive Senate sanction. And they weren’t wrong. The Senate has so far balked. Although Mitch McConnell has proved Sisyphean in his attempts to push the process forward, Senators do not have the luxury of gerrymandered districts. And  Governors back home make the point that people who lose their healthcare may feel like casting their vote elsewhere.

Healthcare is not like tax cuts. When Republicans slash taxes to hand over a larger share of the nation’s wealth to the rich they do not directly pick the average voter’s pocket. That abuse of the less well-off, therefore, goes unremarked. But even the dimmest Trump acolyte will notice that he now has to shell out more of the hard-earned to cover his medical insurance.

Human nature is predictable. It is easier to convince someone they don’t need something they have never had – than it is to take away something they have become used to.

The Republicans, as usual, are praying that their attempts to ‘purify’ the vote will keep the Democratic riff-raff at home. While gerrymandering will keep the ‘wrong sort’ lumped together in a few liberal areas.



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