How Trump Reacts to Slights – a FAKE NEWS Story

by Pitt Griffin on July 1, 2017 · 0 comments

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Donald Trump has spent his life fighting against scurrilous attacks by lesser beings envious of his success and jealous of his achievements. Many thought he would bring his swaggering, pugnacious style to Washington. His sycophants swore he would. His White House apology squad promises he will. And even his wife’s publicist has put words of war in Melania’s mouth.

But Trump knows the office he now holds demands his true self. Not the bullying braggart he played in the cut-throat New York real estate world. He will act with grace and modesty. He won’t demean his office just for the sake of cheap shots. Trump will not take slights to heart. He will display greatness with sang-froid under fire.

Trump will need that serenity. As he has pointed out – merely as a cool statement of fact, with no wisp of whining nor a bleating ‘woe is me’ – he is the most put-upon President in the history of the institution. Fortunately for him, there has been no man more temperamentally equipped to slough off the aspersions of the Lilliputians who try to diminish him.

It is to Trump’s credit that he doesn’t allude to the respect his predecessor was accorded. It would be too easy to ask why Obama was treated with such deference while Trump must take arms against a sea of invective. Why he alone should suffer taunts from the sewer of cable television. Trump will make no cheap comparison to the comity greeting Lincoln on his election. Nor will he refer to the warm embrace Jackson received from the fair-minded citizens who opposed his policies.

It would be easy to ask what a man known far and wide for his courteous treatment of rivals has done to deserve the animosity of those with whom he gently disagreed. But suffice it t0 say that Trump will shrug off the jibes. He is too great a man to hold a grudge. He is eager to forgive and ready to forget. As is his habit.

His staff may be loading the guns of August. And the little Trumps may be banging the drums of war. But the Donald himself will utter no deprecation. Launch no fusillade of epithets against the armies of his antagonists. He is a man of mettle with an iron probity.

Trump will keep his head while all around him people lose their minds. By example, he will drag America out of the murk of mendacity into the cleansing light of rectitude. He will drain the swamp. Cleanse DC’s Augean Stables. Slay the bureaucratic Hydra.

When all is said and done – and history sits in judgment – all reputable minds will be as one in their admiration of the quiet restraint of the selfless Trump. He will take his place among the giants. A generation of young boys will proudly wear the name, Donald. And the Pope will mutter of sainthood. The only matter left open? Who will play him, in what will surely be an Oscar role?




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