From Prayer to “Piss Off”, Evangelicals React to Harvey.

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When a hurricane hits God’s country, you can be sure that his fan club will be fired up and spreading the Word. Sure enough, as Harvey hit Houston, Christian leaders were extolling the virtue of prayer and cash. I have to say that I don’t remember the same enthusiasm for addressing death and destruction when Sandy hit the Sodom and Gomorrah of New Jersey and New York.

There must be religious folk in the tri-state, but I suppose not in sufficient numbers to inspire God’s mouthpieces to put out the charitable word.

Franklin Graham didn’t disappoint. He was soon on the air – although his priorities may need work. When asked what the most important action to take in response to Harvey, Graham answered “prayer” – which is patently ridiculous. Prayer didn’t prevent the devastation – it is deluded to imagine it will speed the recovery.

In fairness to Graham, he does run a charity called “The Samaritan’s Purse” which is a well-regarded organization, highly rated by Charity Navigator. It doles out plenty of aid – if you are willing to listen to some religious lectures. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

Less helpful was Joel Osteen, the leader of Lakewood, a Houston megachurch. The church remained resolutely closed as the number of displaced mounted in the neighborhood. Osteen’s claim that the building was flooded was not borne out by photos showing the old NBA arena standing proud of the flood.

Definitely off-limits was Osteen’s $10.5 million home.

Not that he was completely inactive. He did tweet, “Victoria & I are praying for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please join us as we pray for the safety of our Texas friends & family”. And, “God is still on the throne. He brought you through in the past; He’ll bring you through again”.

All-in-all, cold comfort for people who are looking for food, warmth, and shelter.

Now Osteen has opened his church to the unfortunate – which goes to show that shame can accomplish what piety can’t.

However, the prize for the most absurd reaction has to go to Dave Daubenmire, religious extremist and shallow thinker. This jewel of human kindness believes that money sent to the usual charities is a waste of time. Saying: “Please, don’t send your donations to the Salvation Army and please don’t send them to the American Red Cross”.

He believes money should go solely through him, because, in his words: “Now is the time for people to be taught to depend on the church, depend on God, not on the government.” 

This buffoon is blissfully unaware that neither the Red Cross nor the Salvation Army is a government organization. And the latter is a Christian group, for chrissakes.

At least we have been spared the ridiculous notion that God sent Harvey to make some social point. Even the sanctimonious have come to realize that gay bashing is a creepy response to indiscriminate disaster. Although I’m sure I have missed a few. And surely Pat Robertson must have had something dumb to say.


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