My Father Didn’t Use to Be a RWNJ – What Happened?

by Pitt Griffin on August 22, 2017 · 0 comments

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Do you have a crazy dad, uncle or brother? Was he always like that? Or is the craziness an acquired affliction? Here, I’m talking politically. Specifically about those relatives, who in their youth were centrist or close to it, sometimes even quite liberal, who have now veered hard right. You do? If so, he may have been afflicted by: ‘Crazy Aging White Guy Syndrome’ (CAWGS).

The symptoms are recognizable. The victim is glued to Fox News. He shares chain-emails and fantastical social media memes. He fears everyone has an ‘agenda’: Libtards, radical homosexuals, feminazis, rapist Mexicans, gun grabbers, atheists, the United Nations, climatologists, Black Lives Matter, Jews, public schools, Antifa.

Possibly a victim of ‘Crazy Aging White Guy Syndrome’

And to him, all these hatemongers are either unAmerican, flag-burning rioters, or shadowy cabalists praying on the national flabbiness engendered by complicit Democrats. Either way, they are dedicated to the destruction of America. The shredding of our values. The evisceration of our way of life.

As the name implies, it usually affects Caucasian males of a certain age – although women and minorities can also suffer. Whether it is an organic condition on the dementia spectrum – or a psychological deficit – I cannot say. It isn’t my area of expertise. But the effects are blatant.

There is nothing inherently wrong  – in fact, it shows a welcome intellectual flexibility – in changing your mind. But such change should be in reaction to new facts – not an impulse. It should be a decision made by the head – not the heart. However, in CAWGS sufferers, there is nothing rational about their shift into right-wing monomania.

They cannot offer any original reasoning for their thinking. There is no daylight between their protestations and the ‘talking points’ broadcast by Fox, Breitbart, Drudge, and the like. Hannity has infected their brain. If you are a fan of 1950s sci-fi movies, think of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

What happened to them? Again I can only say, I don’t know. Low testosterone? Virility fading into senility? Fear? And if it is fear – fear of what? Do they know?

Often these are people who own their own house. Their retirement is set. They have no medical issues beyond the usual age related failings.

They protest school curricula – but their kids are long grown. Healthcare – but they are on Medicare. Immigrants – but who’s mowing their lawn? Minorities – but there aren’t any in their neighborhood.

They fear Sharia Law – but their politicians are all Christian. Gay marriage – but they’re divorced. Gun grabbers – but they don’t even own a gun.

Sometimes it’s a mild case. Families agree that politics is verboten and comity is preserved. But in worse cases, children lose a parent or siblings are rent asunder.

So far, there is no cure.



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