Trump Claims He’s ‘Working’. I Suppose He Has to Start Sometime.

by Pitt Griffin on August 5, 2017 · 0 comments

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Trump is on vacation – ignoring his promise to serve a vacation-free presidency.  A commitment he made as he said he would have ‘too much to do’. Plus he has boundless energy. And he’s the fittest man ever to be President. Also lost in the weeds is his demand that the Senate match his stick-to-it ethos by staying in Washington so they could get a beautiful health care bill passed. Or at the very least, strip a few million Americans of their healthcare to make a point – or just out of pure sadism. Who knows?

But true to his dishonest self, he has bolted town for 17 days at his Bedminster country club – looking forward to a schedule full of golf, chocolate cake and lying to whoever will listen. Although – naturally sensitive to accusations of hypocrisy after he excoriated Obama for taking time off – he tweeted that, “This is not a vacation – meetings and calls!”

Had he gone to Camp David, and if he were to post a schedule of his meetings, that claim might have had credibility. But he didn’t and he won’t. So it will be just another entry in Trump’s ‘Big Book of Lies’.

You do not want to piss them off. In America, we have so far dodged the bullet of a military junta – but we have had a regime change engineered by the media. Not because they were on some crusade – but because they exposed the truth. Just ask Richard Nixon.

For some reason, the NRA has leaped on the anti-print media bandwagon – threatening, in an apocalyptic propaganda video, to come after the New York Times. Like Trump, they seem to have decided that riling the true believers is better than expanding the base. Although, in fairness to the NRA, politicians are still scared of them – even as they lose their fear of Trump.

But back to Trump, for the next 17 days we can expect tweets and no legislative accomplishment – so by that standard, I suppose it is fair to call it a ‘working vacation’. In as much as there will be no appreciable difference in the amount of ‘winning’ from that accomplished in Trump’s time in Washington.



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