Trump Speaks from the Heart – and the World Hears the Evil.

by Pitt Griffin on August 15, 2017 · 0 comments

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Trump loves Nazis. In his initial comments, he blamed the violence in Charlottesville on ‘many sides’. It took two days – and a whole lot of criticism – for him to condemn neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK by name. And even then, while he said the required words, his heart wasn’t in it.

Then – as if in expiation of the sin of empathy – he was back in full hate mode. Up early on Tuesday, retweeting Jack Posobiec, an alt-white gadfly, as well as an image of a train running down CNN.

An orange man promotes white supremacy.

If there was any doubt of his indifference to decency, this afternoon, he returned to his homeland –  and gave a press conference to extol future investments in infrastructure. Good luck with that. He went straight for the convenient racist distraction. Violent lefties. Specifically, the vicious, charging, club-waving liberals he had seen in Charlottesville. Thereby adding the ‘alt-left’ to his list of fictitious villains – the list headed by the dancing-on-roof-tops Muslims he had seen celebrating on 9/11.

While the majority of Republican politicians have grasped the moral evil of the neo-nazis, there are the right-wing media heads who are full bore Trump apologists.

‘What about’ is one of their defenses. It goes something like this: “Oh sure there are some evil racists – but what about Black Lives Matter?” Another is ‘it takes two to tango’. As in: “There wouldn’t have been any violence if radical libs hadn’t come to fight”. One more is the bias media accusation: “There was violence on both sides, but the liberal media only reports on the right wing”.

Lastly, there is: ‘Sure, there were bad hombres in Charlottesville, but there are also many ‘fine people’ peacefully registering their view point’. Ignoring the fact that the organizers had promoted the event as a white supremacy rally, with an anti-Semitic kicker.

That addresses the current state of play. For the longer view, revisionist historians shoulder the load. These expedient scholars proclaim the Ku Klux Klan’s origin as a Democratic party organ. It sure was – when the Democrats were the party of white, southern racists. But those good folk have long since fled the Party of Jefferson and pledged their fidelity to the Republicans.

The corollary to that development is today’s Republican Party. They cynically claim to be the ‘Party of Lincoln’. But there is little in their current platform that Lincoln would recognize as his philosophy.

The true divide in American politics is between the conservatives and liberals. And today Trump firmly planted his flag in the nativist, racist, white, conservative camp.

What practical effect will Trump gibbering inanity have? It will surely make it even easier for the congressional GOP to ignore him. On the flip side, it may cause a man with his finger on the nuclear trigger to lose even more of his grasp on sober thinking.

Ultimately the only thing that will count is who goes out to vote in the 2018 elections.



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