What Trump Did on His Summer Vacation (So Far).

by Pitt Griffin on August 11, 2017 · 0 comments

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In the news this week, one crazy haired madman, with his finger on the nuclear trigger, dared another crazy haired madman to fire his missiles. The threat came with Wagnerian Gotterdammerung as Trump warned Kim Jong-un that there would be ‘fire and fury‘ because America was ‘locked and loaded‘. Is his script written by the NRA or the WWE?

Trump added that he would declare a national emergency over the opioid epidemic – and then promptly forget about it. He also thanked Putin for throwing American diplomats out of Russia because it would save money. And told Mitch McConnell to work harder – but, blind to irony, did so from a golf course.

On the Russian investigation front, the big news was the revelation of the FBI’s pre-dawn raid of the home of Trump’s ex-campaign director, Paul Manafort. A raid necessitated by Manafort’s reputation for untrustworthiness.

Talking of untrustworthy, Trump said he had never considered firing Robert Mueller. Contradicting the times he has said he considered firing him.

He also celebrated his ban on the transgendered serving, by saying, “It’s been a very confusing issue for the military, and I think I’m doing the military a great favor”. Although, as the military doesn’t take orders by tweet nothing has happened. No surprise there as things not happening after he tweets is a Trump’s signature.

Trump’s rationale for banning the trans gendered is the savings the military will realize once it is no longer burdened by the costs of sex reassignment surgery. Cynics have noted the savings equal the expense of a few weekends at Mar-a-Lago. But then Trump has never been good with money. He doesn’t seem to understand, for instance, that American diplomats are still paid – whether here or there.

Meanwhile, back in DC, Sebastian Gorka, a Trump aide with no discernable role, tells the Secretary of State (on TV no less) to stop commenting on military affairs. Whence Gorka’s expertise? Who knows? His credentials include a Doctorate from Hungary’s prestigious Corvinus University – an institution ranked one step up from a correspondence school.

Trump acolyte Jeffrey Lord was fired by CNN for tweeting ‘Seig Heil’ at an ideological foe. Lord whined that CNN ‘caved on the first amendment’ – ignoring that the first amendment has nothing to do with private business. And reasonable people might well ask why Lord wasn’t fired a long time ago for irrelevance.

Some of Trump most vigorous supporters – so called Christians – have been lipping the big man’s ass. Take Robert Jeffress. He has Trump’s back saying, “In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un.” Jeffress doesn’t explain how God feels about the millions of innocent South Koreans that might be killed in the taking out.

And just I was wrapping this up, Trump says that military options are not off the table in Venezuela. Easy there cowboy. You may be crazy – but even crazy has limits.

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