Hurricanes Reveal that Irrational Hate Is the Evangelical Brand.

by Pitt Griffin on September 14, 2017 · 0 comments

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Each time a hurricane hits the US, while first responders, utility teams, volunteers, charities, neighbors, family, and friends are working shoulder to shoulder, there are an unhappy few, pointing fingers and blaming gays. Take the Benham brothers. These twins are successful real estate investors, committed homophobes, and readers of God’s mind, who used Harvey and Irma and the anniversary of 9/11 to draw a line from terrorism to weather to the LGBT community.

Let them stand as examples of the usual witless ‘Christians’ who says God is sending America a message with every disaster. He, in their fevered imagination, is punishing America for some sexual sin. Although it is they who seem obsessed with sex.

It’s nonsense. Terrorists attack America for a whole lot of reasons that have nothing to do with social issues. Mainly they think God has instructed them to bomb the infidel for invading their Holy land.

And as for hurricanes, Belgium legalized gay marriage in 2003 — without a single named storm since. Either Hurricanes are a climate phenomenon (hint: that’s the right answer) or God is pissed at something else. Note: America is drowning in evangelicals, Belgium isn’t. Just saying.

And this “God moves in mysterious ways” malarkey has got to stop. Let’s give God some credit. I’m sure he can speak English. Why not just buy some ad time like every other marketer and make his point clearly. Let him say plainly that he’s got a problem with — and here you can fill in the blank — and whoever’s screwing up should just stop it.

But why send an indiscriminate storm that kills mothers, cops, old folk and other people who have never been to San Franciso, or seen a Mapplethorpe exhibition, had an abortion or even ‘liked’ porn videos.

Because it’s crap. And if it isn’t, then the Benham’s God is an unmitigated shit. A diabolical sadist, who is profoundly not pro-life. A miserable, petulant, irascible toad, who deserves not one whit of adoration, worship or even respect.

And if the Benthams insist on sticking to their story they need an empathy transplant.


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