While Texans Deal with Harvey, Politicians Act Like Idiots.

by Pitt Griffin on September 1, 2017 · 0 comments

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In response to Harvey’s devastation, Donald Trump signed a proclamation declaring Sunday to be a ‘national day of prayer’. And while the ‘pious’ are praying, thousands of hard working folks will be doing something useful. And if this committed man of no evident faith had wanted to take a stab at inclusion he might have picked a neutral day – say Monday. But Trump knows which side his Christian bread is buttered.


And what is it with prayers anyway? Which ever way you slice it either God sent Harvey – or did nothing to stop it. What sense does it make to pray to that agency? Regardless, if prayer brings comfort – why not? But Texas Secretary of State, Rolando Pablos, took it one step too far.

Quebec’s Minister of International Relations, Christine St-Pierre, offered to send power workers to Texas to help repair the electrical grid. Pablos turned down the aid but asked for the Quebecois to pray for Texas. I’m guessing Pablos hasn’t lost his electricity.


And then there is this:


Talking about religion, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have seen the light on disaster relief. Five years ago Sandy rammed into the Northeast. And the boys from Texas voted ‘no fecking way’ on disaster relief. But now that Harvey has hit closer to home they have discovered a deep wellspring of love for federal money.

Their justification? They claim Sandy funds were padded with pork. Independent analysis rebuts that claim. So what was the real reason? I suspect it was a faith-based decision. The victims of Sandy were the wrong religion. To wit, they were Democrats.


Trump has pledged $1 million to Harvey relief. Based on Trump’s charity history, doctors in Texas are advising their patients not to hold their breath.


On the other hand, Michael Dell, the computer guy, pledges $36 million for Houston reconstruction. That’s how a real man does it.


You can rely on conservative websites to dish out fake news. Take this post, claiming that Black Lives Matter is blocking “Texas Rescue Efforts to Protest Trump”. Consider it. And then ask how often there is snow on the ground in Texas in August

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