The Trump Administration Hires Big Boobs.

by Pitt Griffin on September 21, 2017 · 0 comments

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In the Mad Man era — as the joke has it — the executive needed a new secretary. He interviewed the candidates. After asking them wide-ranging questions about their abilities, education, and experience, he hired the one with the biggest boobs.

And so it is in the Trump administration. Ability, education and experience count for little. Loyalty is the big boobs — although I’m sure they help as well.

Irony is Trump answering his own question.

Politico looked at the résumés of 42 political appointees to the USDA and found 22 listed Trump campaign experience. By itself that is hardly a disqualifier. But these appointees seemingly lack any relevant education or experience for their new positions.

Let’s consider Nick Brusky. This truck driver now works at the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service — in a position that typically requires a master’s degree. Brusky did attend three colleges, but there is no evidence he graduated. However, he was a field representative for Trump’s campaign in Ohio. For this the taxpayers pay him $79,720 annually.

Of course, it doesn’t get any better higher up. Science positions are typically filled with apparatchiks, ignorant of science – but checking all the right political boxes. The Cabinet is no better. A pediatric neurosurgeon is in charge of housing. And the Energy secretary had no idea that his purview included America’s nuclear power

Salting the stew are the appointees hostile to the mission of their departments. An Education Secretary who despises public education. And an EPA administrator who thinks pollution is an ignorable cost of burning fossil fuels.

And the cherry atop this fetid cake is a President who has no knowledge, nor any desire to acquire any.

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