Trump Has His Worst Week Since Last Week

by Pitt Griffin on September 27, 2017 · 0 comments

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This morning, Trump deleted his tweets supporting Luther Strange in the Alabama Senate GOP primary. It’s the closest he will get to acknowledging he made a mistake. But he isn’t taking responsibility. Instead, he is whitewashing history and blaming Mitch McConnell. Regardless, Strange is a huge failure in a week of failures – and it’s only Wednesday.

Republicans quit on their attempt to repeal Obamacare – a signature Trump promise. They have turned to tax reform, but there is no reason to think that will be any smoother. Especially as Trump’s plan offers no clues as to how it’s funded. Although, as it relies on closing loopholes, the DC insiders will be shoving cash in lawmaker pockets and throwing grit in the wheels.

And the canyon between the far right, and the even further right, just got wider. Moore’s win in Alabama has invigorated the fanatical wing of the party – those folks who think the Tea Party is too cozy with the Democrats.

Puerto Rico – despite Trump’s prediction of an A+ grade – has taken on shades of a post-Katrina, New Orleans. The mistakes have been self-inflicted. For instance, the administration hasn’t eased restrictions on foreign shippers. And a 12,000-bed hospital ship is just now gearing up, a full 7 days after Maria hit. The mayor of San Juan is reporting deaths. And the news will only get worse as remote areas are reached.

Already 100,000 Puerto Ricans have fled from their home to Florida. Refugees are supposed to happen in Syria or Sudan, not on American soil. Trump’s excuse is that Puerto Rico is an island in the middle of an ocean – a big ocean. So what? Great Presidents win in the face of great odds. Lesser ones whine.

Closer to home the Mueller investigation has involved the IRS – and you know when the feds are looking at the money it’s getting serious. And in the face of a possible preemptive move by Trump to fire Mueller, Congress is advancing bipartisan bills to solidify his position.

Hypocrisy is having its best week since last week. It turns out six Trump staffers have been using personal emails. Tom Price – a cost warrior in the House – is now the Cleopatra of private jets. Who would have thought that the dilettante Mnuchin and his hashtag bride would lose the ‘expense abuse’ trophy to a doctor from Ohio?

But no matter how badly behaved his minions are Trump will not be denied the prize for biggest boob. And a Quinnipiac University poll validated his status – 51% of respondents said they are embarrassed to have Trump serve as president. Icing the cake, 59% say Trump is not honest, 60% say he does not have good leadership skills and 61% say he does not share their values. Which I suppose means 39% of us are pussy grabbers.

And, what is probably the deepest cut, voters say — 69% to 26% — Trump should stop tweeting.



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