Harvey Abused Women. Hillary Didn’t.

by Pitt Griffin on October 12, 2017 · 0 comments

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Hillary Clinton has become a villain to some in the Harvey Weinstein affair. Her ‘sin’ was taking money from a man she ‘must’ have known was a serial sexual abuser.  It is not surprising that conservatives are piling on – they blame her for bad weather. But the media types, and others who ought to know better, have pontificated on the subject. So let’s ask. What responsibility does Hillary bear?

If everybody knew – then why is it Hillary’s fault? She saw him once in a while at a fundraiser. But there were family and close friends and people who worked with him every day. Why should a casual friend be more responsible than people who knew him intimately? But that consideration hasn’t stopped the kibitzers weighing in.

Take Anthony Bourdain. He objected to Hillary’s self-defense in the matter. He called her interview with Fareed Zakaria “shameful in its deflection and its disingenuousness”. Yet Bourdain has a girl friend, Asia Argento, who announced she was assaulted by Harvey Weinstein in 1997. Surely she was in a better place than Hillary to do something about Weinstein’s depredations? Had she spoken up then, perhaps other women would have been spared Weinstein’s abuse.

But understandably she didn’t.

Men in positions of power hold all the cards. That Weinstein committed his atrocities for so long isn’t the fault of any of his victims. As a society it is our responsibility to create a culture in which the victims of assault aren’t shamed into silence. And that they don’t feel their their financial future is jeopardized by speaking.

Which brings us back to Hillary. There are so many people so much closer to Weinstein than her. He had a board of directors. A brother. Other powerful people in Hollywood. They all ignored the stories to protect their cash cow.

And if Weinstein’s peccadillos were really that well known, where was the investigative journalism? I can’t even find a National Enquirer article on the subject.

Then there is the complaint she wasn’t quick enough to denounce Weinstein. That as a champion of women’s rights she should have spoken up sooner. Maybe she should have. But where does her delay rank on the scale of offenses? Pretty low.

And you know why she is so careful? Because for years she has been criticized – mainly for being a woman. Her every utterance is torn apart and searched for fault. It is understandable that she doesn’t go rushing in.

She is not a good politician, but that is not a crime. Hillary did not enable Weinstein. She wasn’t his employer. She was not a witness to any of his acts. Let’s keep the blame focused on those who truly deserve it.





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