“Too Soon”: McConnell Sticks to the NRA’s Playbook

by Pitt Griffin on October 3, 2017 · 0 comments

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“Too soon” — it’s the GOP boilerplate reaction to every gun massacre. “We can’t talk about it about it yet”. “Let’s not politicize this issue”. It’s the upturned palm in the face —  rule number one in the craven politician’s playbook. Delay, delay, delay — in hopes it will all blow over. Mitch McConnell wasted little time in playing the card.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this afternoon:

“It’s particularly inappropriate to politicize an event like this. It just happened within the last day and half. Entirely premature to be discussing about legislative solutions if any.”

Let’s ask Mitch when is it not “too soon” to prevent the next massacre. In no other case do we postpone the fight for life. If we delayed the search for a cancer cure, people would think we were nuts.

And why is it premature? Calling for answers doesn’t dishonor the dead. And the living would like to think their lost family and friends counted for something. Time and again the parents of dead children lead the demand that something is done — right away. They know the pain of losing a child — and in empathy don’t wish it on anyone.

Ultimately every death is an individual tragedy. Massacres get the headlines, but gun death in America is inexorable. Forty-two people die from gun violence every day. Over 100, if you add in suicides.

And notice Mitch slipped in “if any”. He couldn’t have been more blatant that a Republican Congress will do nothing. And here, he is merely carrying the NRA’s water.

Gun zealots say that nothing can be done about gun violence in America — unless more people get guns. They present the futility argument: “What are the gun grabbers gonna do with the 300 million guns already in circulation?” And add their clincher: “If you take away guns only the criminals will have guns”.

Let’s dispose of this nonsense. How would 22,000 people firing up at the Mandalay Bay have worked out? One reason we have a problem with guns is that so many are in circulation – it’s an absurd argument for doing nothing. And few people are saying that sane, law-abiding citizens shouldn’t have guns.

However, rational people should debate how we guarantee gun owners are sane and law abiding. And should demand that the guns people can own aren’t weapons of mass murder — or convertible to military grade. Even the majority of gun owners think reasonable measures are just that — reasonable.

But the NRA’s handmaidens trot out the tired lie that it is “too soon” — which is dog-whistle code for “never”.

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