Moore Thinks the Constitution Goes too Far. (Or, What’s Wrong with Slavery? People Were Happy.)

by Pitt Griffin on December 11, 2017 · 0 comments

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In 2011, Roy Moore told a radio show getting rid of constitutional amendments after the Tenth Amendment would ‘eliminate many problems’. As a lawyer and an ‘on-again, off-again’ judge, Moore knows exactly what those amendments say. So let us have a look at what he objected to.

Amendments fall into two categories – ones that extend rights, and ones that are merely administrative or technical. Many of the latter are uncontroversial. Let’s dispose of those.

The 11th limits federal judicial reach vis-a-vis the states. The 12th clears up the procedure to elect the President & VP. The 20th deals with Presidential/Congressional terms and Presidential succession. The 22nd limits the President to two terms. And the 27th deals with salaries. All relatively uncontroversial.

Now it gets unpleasant. And Moore’s remark reveals the depth of his racism and misogyny.

The 13th amendment outlaws slavery. Moore has already said that families were happy in Antebellum America, now he is saying that we should have another go at treating blacks as property.

The 14th guarantees citizenship to all born on American soil. So Moore would bid goodbye to ‘anchor babies’. And even children born here to legal aliens.

The 15th guarantees the vote to black men. Moore certainly doesn’t think slaves should have a vote. Especially as he would be a shoo-in if the vote were restricted to whites.

The 16th institutes income tax. Without it, Moore would have the small government he dreams of. Although it would be harder to pay for a modern military. But conservatives always find money for the toys — even if the troops have to suffer.

The 17th allows for the election of Senators by popular vote. Moore should be grateful for this one. Under the old rules, the Alabama legislature would have stuck with Luther Strange.

The 18th and 21st prohibit and prohibit alcohol. So that’s a wash.

The 19th guarantees women the right to vote. Moore’s girlfriends weren’t old enough to vote, and he see’s no reason for them to grow into the franchise. His prospects of a win are also enhanced by keeping the little ladies out of the voting booth.

The 23rd grants Washington DC citizens a vote in the Presidential election. And no conservative wants America’s most liberal voting bloc to have any voice.

The 24th prohibits poll taxes. Without it, the bigots would be free to roll out their backup plan to deny blacks the vote. Just in case the photo ID laws don’t get the job done

The 25th allows for the President to be replaced if judged unfit for office. And for the first time since its passage, we have a President who might render it necessary. But Moore sees a fellow abuser in the White House and has his back.

The 26th lowers the voting age to 18. And like blacks and women before, America’s youth is not in favor of Moore and his kind.

In short. Moore would like to turn society’s clock back 150 years to the halcyon days of America’s youth – when men ruled. Women were powerless helpmates. And blacks were out back in chains.

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