Trump Is a Character from A Greek Tragedy. Perhaps Icarus.

by Pitt Griffin on December 2, 2017 · 1 comment

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I have no expertise, training, or background in psychology. But that’s OK. For years conservatives have cast aspersions on knowledge – viewing it with suspicion. Now Trump has made expertise peripheral to advancement. God forbid that a job goes to someone who can do it.

So, having established my credentials, let me offer my opinion of Donald Trump’s psyche. He is off his rocker.

More than that, he is a character in a Greek tragedy. A man desperate to fail who has been cursed by the Gods to succeed. How else can you describe a man who became the President of the United States despite a career littered with setbacks, reversals and dismal results?

His fate should have been sealed by poor decisions on casinos, an airline, and even steak for chrissakes. The man couldn’t sell water to Americans who are willing to buy something they already get for free.

And he won the presidency despite defrauding regular Americans with a fake university scam and confessing to sexual abuse.

People attribute his Mexican rapist remarks to some diabolical cunning and base solidifying. But what possible advantage accrues to him to talk about Megyn Kelly bleeding? Or attacking John McCain’s courage?

And for a man who is all about his brand he has done nothing to burnish it. His only significant legislation is a tax guaranteed to explode the deficit and strip healthcare from millions – while entrenching wealth inequality.

He crows about the stratospheric stockmarket prices – but bearing that in mind – let’s remember the last President who came to the office with a business background, Herbert Hoover. It makes you hope there is an FDR in the wings.

And he has appointed perhaps the most unqualified cabinet in presidential history.

A National Security Adviser who lasted 24 days and has now pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. An Education Secretary who knows nothing about public schools. A HUD Secretary who was a brain surgeon. An Energy Secretary who didn’t understand his responsibilities included the nuclear stockpile. You get the idea.

And then there are the Twitter fights and the press conference implosions. It is one thing to have schoolyard spats with the President of North Korea; it’s another to piss off the entire UK by tweeting false video from fascist groups headed by felons. And for good measure taking the PM to task for pointing out your stupidity.

Trump’s personality is plain to see in his self-destructive tweets. He is so determined to get even he can’t get ahead. He doesn’t understand that greatness only comes from rising above the mediocrity of others. Imagine the Gettysburg Address had Trump given it. I think you see my point.

But the play’s last act approaches. Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation is starting to claim casualties. And Trump himself is tying his own noose. Already damaged by injudicious tweets, he has added a potentially fatal blow with one today:

Here is the President of the United States admitting that he knew one of his minions had committed a crime – and then tried to interfere in the FBI’s investigation of the same. Maggie Haberman of the New York Times had the best reaction

 Which raises the question: How close to the sun is Trump?

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