All Votes Count; Trump Assassination Paranoia; And Some Other Postcards from the Political Edge.

by Pitt Griffin on December 19, 2017 · 0 comments

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Yes Virginia, your vote does count.

Before the November elections in Virginia, the House of Delegates (the lower house) was dominated by Republican representatives 66-34. After a stronger than anticipated performance in the election, the Democrats were within striking distance of ending up in a tie depending on the results of several recounts.

And they gained that tie after the last came in today — which the Democrats won by a single vote. To the unknown voter — you count. (Credit: CNN)

Republicans screw up their tax vote.

Whoops and hollers from the right as the House passed the tax scam bill. The enthusiasm was diminished when they realized they had voted on a bill that fell foul of the so-called Byrd Rule. Whatever. It’s a procedural hiccup. They’ll vote again tomorrow. But they will have enhanced their reputation for incompetence. (Credit: The Hill)

Deep state assassination on Fox News

In right-wing media, the line between news and entertainment, between analysis and paranoia, is faint. Today on Fox News’ chat show, ‘Outnumbered’, the gang and conservative pundit, Kevin Jackson, were taking turns in impugning the FBI’s Andrew McCabe and his ‘shocking’ bias in the Trump investigation.

It was going well until Jackson floated the idea that the Deputy FBI Director was planning an assassination of Donald Trump. (Although it’s possible he meant James Comey was plotting – his rant was hindered by an imprecise use of pronouns).

“I think they will say, what was his intent, right? That is exactly what former FBI Director James Comey said when he was letting Hillary Clinton off the hook. And his intent, whether it was an assassination attempt or whether, definitely something.

Even the Foxers were gobsmacked by the suggestion and tried to rescue Jackson from ridicule. But he kept digging. After they suggested that no one had floated an assassination theory, Jackson replied,“Oh, it’s been floated”. (Credit: Mediaite)

Three Trump judicial nominees judged unfit.

Three of Trump’s judicial nominees have recently withdrawn their names from consideration. They were so unqualified that even Trump’s yes men on the Senate Judiciary Committee weren’t about to vote for them. Primus inter pares among the dolts was the clueless Matthew Petersen, who had trouble answering first-year law school questions; admitted he had no trial experience; nor much familiarity with federal judicial procedure.

Another erstwhile candidate, Brett Talley, was equally inexperienced. He was unanimously rated ‘unqualified’ by the ABA. And it turns out that he had once saluted the early KKK on twitter.

Rounding out the terrible troika was Jeff Mateer, who called transgender children part of “Satan’s plan,” dismissed same-sex marriage as “debauchery,” and asserted that the constitutional separation of church and state is a myth. If this is Trump’s idea of the ‘best’ then I hate to think what the worst are like. (Credit NY Times & Slate)

The GOP, taxes, and incompetence.

No better is the GOP’s tax bill, a measure so poorly written, so riddled with holes, that accountants and tax lawyers will be tearing it to shreds for years. Wealthy Americans will drive truckloads of cash through the errors. It’s so godawful that there is already talk of passing corrective laws before Congress even finishes voting on the original.



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