How Do Evangelicals Get from Jesus to Trump?

by Pitt Griffin on January 29, 2018 · 0 comments

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Why do evangelicals want bakers to be able to deny gay couples wedding cake? They say it is their ‘sincerely held religious belief’. And as justification, they point to biblical verses saying homosexuals are an abomination — or words to that effect. But the same book has laundry lists of other things that are abominations and deserve punishment from banishment to death. So why that one? Why not adultery and divorce and the rest?

The answer is simple. When a hypocrite starts ranking sins, you can be sure the ones he has low on the list are the ones he’s looking to have a go at.

But then why list anything as a sin? The answer is again simple. Power. Love takes a huge commitment. It is a rocket that flies high and bright — and then burns out. Hate, on the other hand, has legs. If you can get the congregation all hating the same thing you have a committed team. And to ensure that hate burns hot, make gay marriage part of a ‘homosexual agenda’ threatening both your kids and religious freedom.

It is why anti-immigrant fever is so powerful. Not only are these conniving bastards here to take jobs and commit crimes, they are also loaded down with drugs and bombs. What could be a more significant threat to a peace-abiding, white American, than a murderous, colored foreigner?

The same psychology also applies to the coastal elites. If you live in pig country, those snooty urban bastards must look like good people to hate. Now in fairness, demonizing the opposition is a two-way street. Although the traffic is heavier one way than the other. How many bakers are refusing to make wedding cakes for straight couples?

The longest crusade waged by religious conservatives is against blacks. And again the Bible was used to justify their anti-social position. With slavery in the rearview mirror, evangelicals have turned to voter ID laws, felon disenfranchisement, and gerrymandering to pursue their white supremacist agenda.

He may be an orange adulterer – but white evangelicals think he’s all right.

The evangelicals have done their grassroots best to get their guys elected – from dog catcher to Senator. All they needed to complete their team was the right man for the top job.

And the evangelicals have found their perfect President in Donald Trump. He hates all the same people they do. So closely does Trump’s bigotry mirror their own that there is no hypocrisy evangelicals will not espouse to justify their embrace of this damaged man.

Trump’s record points clearly to a lack of faith, church-going, personal morality, and shame. The man embodies the hedonistic lack of family values religious conservatives so eagerly promote.

But that isn’t all the evangelicals have to explain away. How do you justify calling a billionaire, who stiffed workaday subcontractors and regular joe ‘university’ students, a ‘populist’? How do you ignore his promotion of immigrants by both hiring them and marrying them? And worst of all, how can a good conservative throw his lot in with a New Yorker?

Don’t evangelicals have any standards at all?

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