Trump Goes to California and Trashes the State and its Governor.

by Pitt Griffin on March 19, 2018 · 0 comments

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Trump went to California today and insulted the Governor. Not to his face mind you, he’s too chicken for that. He’s the sort of spineless man that fires his Secretary of State by tweet. And being Trump his language was exuberant — but the truth was left in the limo, its throat slit.

His assessment of Jerry Brown was short:

“I think Gov. Brown has done a very poor job running California.”

And what is his rationale for this poor review?:

“They have the highest taxes in the United States. The place is totally out of control. You have ‘sanctuary cities,’ where they have criminals living in the sanctuary cities. And then the mayor of Oakland goes out and notifies when ICE is going in to pick them up.”

Brown vs Trump. Action vs words.

California actually has the sixth highest state tax burden. But let’s not quibble. More importantly, California has a multi-billion dollar surplus, when all Trump has done is add to federal deficit hand over fist.

“Totally out of control” is a favorite meme for Trump. And as usual, has no relationship to the truth. California’s murder rate is below the US average. And it is less than in 25 states.

As for the claim that the mayor of Oakland alerted the population to an ICE raid, she did. However, both AG Jeff Sessions and ICE fanned the flames with ridiculously inflated numbers. So inflated that ICE’s local spokesman quit rather than support the inflammatory hyperbole put out by his bosses — and now Trump.

He then added:

“The taxes are way, way out of whack and people are going to start to move pretty soon.”   

‘Pretty soon’ is merely an opinion. From 2010 to 2015, California had a net immigration of 350,000. Not as high a rate as some states, but higher than many.

Trump wasn’t done. He had visited the state to look at prototypes of the wall design. And he had to comment on California’s resistance to his white elephant.

“And if you don’t [have] safety, meaning if you don’t have this kind of wall, the drugs are pouring through in California, can’t do it.” 

I think his meaning is clear even if his language is garbled. But California already has a large amount of fencing and virtual wall. And more to the point, the antipathy to Trump’s folly is bipartisan. The congressional Republicans have shown absolutely no enthusiasm for the project — at least if you don’t count the rabid, and monomaniacal, Steve King, Louie Gohmert and the rest of the clown car.

And how do their constituents feel about the blowhard and the target of his spit-flecked but truth-challenged rationale? Jerry Brown’s approval rating is 60%. Trump can’t even break 50% in the most sycophantic pole — Rassmussen, while the more objective companies have him sub-40%.

Brown’s reputation is assured — so is Trump’s notoriety.

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