Matt Bevin accuses Kentucky’s Teachers of Enabling Kid Rape, Drug Abuse, and Poisonings.

by Pitt Griffin on April 15, 2018 · 0 comments

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When Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of New York, the city unions asked for a pay raise. He said they deserved it, he wanted to do it, but they had to work with him to figure out where the money was going to come from. He wasn’t antagonistic. He didn’t portray public employees as the enemy. And he showed respect. They worked it out.
In Kentucky, the teachers are on strike. But instead of learning from the Bloomberg example — and a self-made man worth $50B is an example that should be heeded — Kentucky’s Governor, Matt Bevin, used the standard conservative playbook to denigrate his ’opponents’. He suggested that the teachers’ work stoppage had exposed kids to sexual abuse and promoted drug use.
“I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them,” the Republican governor told reporters Friday afternoon, according to CNN affiliate WDRB.

He wasn’t done.

“I guarantee you somewhere today, a child was physically harmed or ingested poison because they were home alone because a single parent didn’t have any money to take care of them.” Bevin went on to say that “some were introduced to drugs for the first time because they were vulnerable and left alone

Matt Bevin and Mary Fallin. Neophyte negotiators.

Beyond the mind-numbing absurdity of the remarks — is there any proof? —  it defies common sense. Teachers are not social workers or cops. Their mandate does not cover what happens in a kid’s home.

If Bevin was genuinely concerned he would have taken action. Open the school gyms and have government employees babysit. Hire outside contractors. Call for parent volunteers. Something. But Bevin’s aim is alarmism and cheap political points — not ensuring the welfare of poor kids. If he cared he would do something — he is the Governor after all.

Bevins isn’t the only conservative Governor who views teachers as the enemy. Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin reacted to the teachers’ walkout in her state with a dismissive comparison. She said of them that they were like:

“a teenager wanting a better car”

Comparing hard-working Americans, teaching the next generation, often with children of their own, to callow youth not only reaffirms the lack of empathy common in conservatives, it is also a dismal and counter-productive negotiating tactic. It was not something Michael Bloomberg would have ever said.

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