Caitlyn Jenner Lectures the British Parliament on Transgenderism. How We Got Here.

by Pitt Griffin on May 10, 2018 · 0 comments

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Sex, sexuality and gender identity are all matters of supreme interest and intense fear. How much of the fear is learned behavior, and how much is innate, a more knowledgeable mind than mine will have to decide. Regardless, the history of religion would be incomplete without a lot of time devoted to the subject.

Sometimes, as with the classical deities, the interest took the form of reporting, without editorializing, on rapes, concealed identities, strange births and mixed species couplings. The gods were not held up as moral exemplars, but instead provided examples of human failings on an Olympic scale.

Monotheism took a different tack. The God of Abraham may have shown much of the rage and capricious lawmaking that is a hallmark of the human experience, but His total sexual experience was a one night stand with a virgin, herself born of an immaculate conception.

However, God had no shortage of prohibitions on who could do what, with whom, at what time of the month. He lays out most of these sex rules — as well as the laws on food, sacrifice, childbirth, and medicine – in Leviticus, as well as the mandated punishments for failure to comply. Here is a summary: Leviticus – Sacrifice, Food, Skin Disease, Sex, Crime, and Punishment.

Unsurprisingly, given man’s sadistic nature, these prohibitions have received a lot more attention than the New Testament’s message of caring for the sick, the poor, the ‘have-not’s or the ‘47%’ in today’s political parlance.

Even Leviticus’ laws are enforced with different levels of commitment. Mixed fabrics, tattoos, shrimp, and rare steaks — no problem. Lying and screwing your workers — why not? But men lying with men — let’s keep that on the books.

Here’s the deal. Straight men don’t want to think about two guys having sex. Although women having a go at each other is grist for the pornography mill. How straight women feel on the subject I will not speculate. So when you hear some pastor banging on about the evils of gay sex and the gay agenda and what not, you should wonder about the roots of his obsession.

But now that gay marriage has become the law of the land, and the majority of Americans are OK with that, the sexual bigots have latched onto the trans community as the target du jour

I bring all of this up because Caitlyn Jenner will be lecturing Britain’s House of Commons on transgender issues as part of a series on diversity. She has already participated in the oddly named “Genderquake: The Debate” on the UK’s Channel 4. Here’s an article: Britain’s Appalling Transgender ‘Debate’.

Leaving aside if Jenner is the right woman for the job, you have to ask why any of this is necessary. Why should anyone care about someone else’s sexuality or gender identity? Neither is a choice — and even if it were, so what?

As mentioned before, the religious worry that these ‘deviants’ are planning to launch evangelical cabals to proselytize the straight and narrow-minded into a lifestyle of wanton, immoral fornication. Is there any evidence for this paranoia? And if the gay/transgender agenda is real how come I was never the object of a recruitment campaign — I did go to all boys schools. Should I be insulted?

I did learn something new – specifically the word ‘Terf’ — or “ trans-exclusionary radical feminists”. It seems that some radical feminists, Germain Greer for one, believe that women born with a penis aren’t women. Ms. Greer, in agreement with conservative evangelicals, (there are some odd bedfellows), have determined they get to define who’s what. Balderdash. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, that is a no-go.

The most ridiculous part of this whole trans brouhaha has been the so-called ‘bathroom bills’. There is a belief among conservative lawmakers, and their God-whipped constituents, that women born with dicks will storm girls bathrooms in a riot of sexual assault. There is plenty of sexual assault in America, but it almost entirely involves straight guys — pastors include — raping women. And priests abusing little boys.

We should get rid of the idea of official gender altogether. It will work out just fine. The majority of people will continue to identify as the gender matching their birth genitalia and they will still want to ‘embrace’ people with a different set. And all others can find their psychological sweet spot wherever it exists.

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