RW Logic: A Neo-Nazi Hijacks a Train, But Liberals Are the Real Security Threat.

by Pitt Griffin on October 21, 2018 · 0 comments

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Today, Taylor Michael Wilson, a 26-year-old neo-nazi terrorist, was sentenced to 14 years for hijacking an Amtrak train in Nebraska. Shortly after his arrest, he volunteered that he was “going to save the train from black people.” The Justice Department issued no press release at the time. Because as a white supremacist he didn’t fit the conservative narrative that the real threat to America is Islamofascism.

We have seen more of the same during the Kavanaugh confirmation — the reflexive need to distract the base with specious claims and inflated rhetoric. Let’s have a look.

In Kavanaugh Trump picked a man who not only checked all the conservative boxes on abortion, religion and corporate rights but had the bonus of being an apologist for executive immunity. As expected, that alone engendered protest.

But the revelation that Kavanaugh was a possible sex offender, a self-admitted drunk and a committed liar turned up the heat. The First Amendment makes clear the citizen’s right to assembly and petition. But conservatives have a flexible view of the Bill of Rights. While they consider the Second Amendment absolute, the First comes with all kinds of caveats.

Republicans warn that liberals are inciting violence — that their right to express their opinion is merely a stepping stone to anarchy. Here’s an example. On Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’ Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) offered this opinion:

“We’re not talking about theoretical violence,” Kennedy said. “We are not talking about violent words or violent threats. We’re talking about action. And then you have people like [Sen.] Cory Booker [D-NJ] and [Rep.] Maxine Waters [D-CA], and their call to action of getting up in people’s faces, and gathering a crowd, and shouting people down. Those aren’t theoretical. Those are actual things that lead to violence in society. And that is not okay!”  

Kennedy is twice dishonest. Neither Booker nor Waters called for violence. And even if they had, where is it? Have liberals rioted? Have they thrown fascist salutes and chanted supremacy chants? Have they run people over? Have they hijacked a train?

There is worse behavior by the fans of trophy-winning sports teams.

One thing liberals did do was gather outside Mitch McConnell’s house for a ‘keg party’ where they chanted “I like beer” and “Chug! Chug!” — which according to Republicans is acceptable behavior in a Supreme Court Justice but a threat to public safety when it is women demanding their rights.

Chuck Grassley also warned of ‘mob rule’ before launching into a hyperbolic analysis:

“The Democratic strategy used against Judge Kavanaugh has made one thing clear, they will never be satisfied no matter how fair and thorough the process is,” Grassley bellowed on the Senate floor today. “For the left wing, advice and consent has become search and destroy. A demolition derby.”

OK. Let’s leave aside the absurd claim that the process was “fair or thorough” and focus on “search and destroy”. It is a technique to combat guerilla fighters developed in South East Asia with the advent of military helicopters. As a reference to political disagreement, it is overwrought and hysterical.

Greg Gutfield of Fox added to the lunacy with his own overheated rhetoric:

“What the Democrats have tried to do is tear down the wall between justice and mob rule. They decided to crucify someone once again. That’s what’s wrong.”

Really? Just who are the Democrats looking to nail to a cross? And notice we have the ‘mob rule’ claim again. There have been women’s marches and gun control events where collectively millions of Americans have walked, waved banners and chanted. And again let’s ask: Where was the violence?

And even when the protestor’s behavior has led to arrests there has been no resistance, The police come in, peacefully detain whoever they detain and take them away for processing. Not exactly a Brown Shirt event.​​​​​​

Others bemoan that conservatives have been chanted at in restaurants or walking down the street. Oh please, I’m sure it was inconvenient to have your dinner plans upset, but when you support an administration that makes life ‘inconvenient’ for rape victims and women with unwanted pregnancies then you will just have to suck it up.

And remember, if someone does do something illegal you can call the police. They always cater to rich white folk.

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