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San Francisco swelters in record heat. Where are the science deniers?

Whenever there is a cold snap in winter, science-deniers gleefully ask ‘where’s your global warming now?’. And venerable Senators bring props to Congress, such as the winter when Sen. Jim Inhofe ‘crushed’ the science of climate change by bringing a snowball into the Senate chamber.

But where are these deep thinkers when there are record highs? San Francisco is currently hotter than Vegas. It’s over 100ºf. In a city that hardly ever sees triple digits let alone at the beginning of June.

Weather, of course, is not climate and neither a cold spell nor a heat wave is much proof of anything. But honesty demands that these political climatologists point out its hot. Honesty? What was I thinking? (Credit Accuweather

Steve King can’t catch a ride.

Trump is heading to Iowa. On Air Force One with him is Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst. Not on the plane with him is Iowa Rep Steve King. This miserable little man is so toxically racist than even Trump doesn’t want to be seen with him. Much less share his ride. (Credit: Mediaite)

Anti-Semitic memes prosper in the conservative Twittersphere

Blind to irony, conservatives decry ‘fake news’ while spreading fake memes. Here’s one from a Twitter user whose bio shows support for #MAGA and declares her love for Trump & America.

In reality, Pope Francis is actually kissing the hand of a Holocaust survivor, Eliezer Grynfeld, in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem’s Holocaust memorial in 2014. There is a David in the Rothschild family. He’s 40-years-old. (Credit: Snopes)

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