Really? 6.21.19 Trump Dithers on Iran. The UK’s Trump. Zom

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Trump is ready to attack Iran, but then he doesn’t.

Trump is famous for changing his mind. Denying he changed his mind. Claiming he never held a position he did. And lying that he said one thing when he said another. So it should come as no surprise that after tough talk on the Iranians he tweeted out a different message

He is the vacillating Obama conservatives warned us about.

And let’s look at the language. ‘Cocked and loaded’ is presumably a phrase used by people whose personal Vietnam was avoiding STDs in the 1960s. Even the correct version would grate from someone who dodged service. 


Did Putin influence Trump’s change of heart?

Shortly before Trump was going to authorize a strike against Iran Putin said it would be a catastrophe. Trump then called off the strike.
Make of that what you will.

Here’s the story in Haaretz: “Putin Says U.S. Attack on Iran Would Be a Catastrophe” 

You cannot negotiate with zombies.

Credit: Tom Tomorrow

Is Boris Johnson more vile than Donald Trump?

Johnson is the odds on favorite to be the UK’s next Prime Minister. And the similarities between he and the US President are startling. They were both born in New York. They came from privileged backgrounds. Attended good schools. And learned little.

They both have crap hair, a disheveled appearance, and wear ill-fitting clothes. They butcher English. Never prepare. Rarely commit to a particular policy. And lie as easily as breathing

They are both misogynists. Johnson has been married twice and is awaiting a divorce so he can marry again. His intended, Carrie Symonds, is 23 years his junior. He cheated on his first wife with his second. He is known to have had four extra-marital affairs – producing at least one confirmed and another probable impregnation.

Last night the London police were called to his girl friend’s flat when neighbors heard yelling and sounds of a brawl. No arrests were made.

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