“There is always danger for those who are afraid” ― George Bernard Shaw.

Conservatives hate illegal immigrants. Buisness loves illegal immigrants. Conservatives love business. How can this be? The answer is that big business conservatives pay lip-service to hating illegal immigrants. It’s nothing but expediency.

Let’s unpack it. What do big business conservatives and the rich want? Lower taxes and less regulation. However, this message alone will not guarantee that enough of the conservative base will vote. They need ‘red meat’ or inflammatory issues to ensure the true believers march to the ballot box. And there is nothing more inflammatory than xenophobia.

Immigration has become a white-hot button issue in Europe. In the UK’s recent general election, the Conservatives gained an unexpected majority. UKIP, the British version of the Tea Party, has made immigrants such a source of fear to the British, that the Labor Party (liberals) lost enough of its natural constituency to lose badly.

This appeal to fear allows the UK Conservatives to present themselves as defenders of Britain’s shores while they continue with the low tax austerity policies that exclusively benefit the wealthy. If support for immigration were to skyrocket, rest assured, the Conservatives would be celebrating their arrival while pursuing the same plutocrat placating policies.

The same dynamic plays out in the US. Demonization of the brown hordes drives the fearful and paranoid into voting for Republicans. Who in turn use their majorities to cut taxes and slash regulations to benefit businesses. Which in turn, benefit from cheap foreign labor.

It is breathtakingly cynical.




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