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“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”  ― Marcus Aurelius,  ‘Meditations’.

There is wild speculation is West Africa over the causes of the Ebola outbreak and the role played by the Liberian government in the epidemic. Speculation so wacky it hardly seems credible that people could believe it.

This will come as no surprise to westerners complacent in their rational superiority, who will greet the news with a “duh, of course” paternalism by those who see Africans as ovine children caught in the cross-fire between the greed of their governments and rebels doing God’s work (who have their own avaricious lusts).

But it isn’t the superstitious mob that sees a conspiracy behind the Ebola affair, that nugget is making the rounds of the educated classes. The uneducated are less interested in machinations at the seat of power. They have pursued the millennia old explanation for catastrophe – that it is the work of an angry God, pissed off at some moral failing in the population.

So what are these wacky theories? One belief is that Ebola doesn’t even exist. It is in fact a fiction propagated by government officials eager to see the spigots of international aid cranked wide open. To add credence to the fiction. the government is supposedly poisoning wells around the capital, Monrovia

While this seems incredible, it does jibe with the history of western money in West Africa. It is well known that a lot of foreign aid does end up in the dear leaders’ Swiss bank accounts.

Over 2,000 years old and trafficking in infectious diseases.

Over 2,000 years old and trafficking in infectious diseases.

More off the wall is the Queen of Sheba cabal. According to this theory she was invited by the government to bring Ebola to the country for the same reasons the government invented the epidemic – foreign funds. It is unclear who this Queen is. But no one has actually met her. It is like every urban legend – validated by a friend of a friend.

Most Americans will look askance at this ridiculousness. But should we be so superior? Is there nothing like this in the US? Of course there is. We are a country in love with absurdities. Not just at the fringes, but right to the top of the political heap.

Take evolution. The majority of GOP presidential candidates reject it. The US has won more Nobel Prizes than any other country – easily. Yet conservative politicians insist science is a matter of opinion. They are more likely to believe that a personal God created everything in its present form. And that a bronze-age book of collected shepherds’ tales has validity as a science text. And further, they want to inculcate the youth of America in this nonsense. It’s child abuse.

But ignoring science is something the GOP does well. Every cold snap in Duluth is greeted with guffaws from climate-change deniers. “Put your head out the window. Where’s your global-warming now?” they derisively sneer. They are proud they don’t know the difference between weather and climate. And are comfortable ignoring unprecedented heat-waves in other countries. (Because other countries don’t exist unless we invade them or they are going bankrupt due to “socialist” policies.)

Let’s revisit religion. What’s the intellectual difference between a fundamentalist Muslim and a fundamentalist Christian? It’s a trick question. There isn’t any. Both reject any evidence that doesn’t comport with their world view. It is only the religiously deluded that believe America was created as a Christian nation. Or that the Middle East is Allah’s paradise on Earth. I am not so familiar with Middle East, but the Constitution clearly demands the US be agnostic among faiths.

So far, no Nobel award for the chemtrail promoters.

So far, no Nobel award for the chemtrail promoters.

Then there are the American “Queen of Sheba” believers. The type of folks who believe in “chemtrails” and that the United Nations is conspiring to confiscate American guns and rewrite our zoning laws. And that believe the President is a Muslim, a Kenyan, and a socialist.

That FEMA operates death camps. That 9/11 was a government or Jewish project. That Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. That JFK’s assassination was a mob hit, the Cubans, the Russians or Martians, for all I know. That FDR was forewarned about Pearl Harbor. Or that the moon landings were faked.

At the end of the day the Liberians seem comparatively sane.



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