During his presidency, Republicans ripped Obama for his travel expenses. Now that Trump is President  – and vacationing every weekend – his profligacy makes Obama’s bills seem modest. Then there is the cost incurred with the missus staying in New York. And the security costs of protecting Trump’s children as they jet around doing private Trump company business.

But you will not hear Republicans speak ill of this abuse of the taxpayers hard-earned. They are silent as the grave. Sean Spicer tried to excuse Trump’s imperial grandiosity by making an asinine suggestion about Trump ‘working’ on the golf course, but he had the decency to let that absurdity die a quiet death.

After years of ‘debt is sin’ rhetoric you might expect the GOP to attack the deficit with vigor. And if it hurts the regular Joe, they will. To that end, expect an enthusiastic evisceration of social programs – under the guise of doing the poor a favor. In their philosophy, shredding the safety net empowers a man to stand on his own two feet. While a heartless nanny state dooms a man to a pit of apathy – sapped of his will to succeed – by providing a subsistence living.

However, to Republicans, not all welfare is equal. Corporations are shielded from the consequences of being in the wrong business – say fossil fuels. Industrial farm companies back up trucks to haul away federal largesse. And business, in general, is absolved of the cost of keeping the environment clean.

The rich too are targets of Republican solicitousness. No more must they suffer the lash of insufferable taxes. Freed from their onerous burden and in gratitude, they will shower jobs upon the jobless. And if a yacht or two should float their way, it is a small price to reward their beneficence.

And then there is the military. Republicans will not be deterred from pouring treasure into this patriotic money pit. Any suggestion of responsibility is waved away with a cynically brandished flag.

If you ignore Republican words and look only at their actions, they lay bare their spendthrift ways. It’s no use expecting Republicans to pay heed to federal profligacy. They are not fans of frugality. There is nothing in their history to suggest they embrace fiscal modesty. They pay it lip service merely as a tool to whip Democrats and win elections.