Election 2016

Trump tweeted this afternoon. He was in Florida, but his mind had moved on from the Parkland school shooting, and his sole subject was the Russians and their election interference. Specifically, how his election was legitimate — and not a present from Putin.

He started with an opinion piece from a reliable backer — the New York Post. He could just have tweeted something from Sean Hannity. (Note: Even the Post ran a headline telling Trump to do something about guns.

Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump

“Charges Deal Don A Big Win,” written by Michael Goodwin of the @nypost, succinctly states that “the Russians had no impact on the election results.” There was no Collusion with the Trump Campaign. “She lost the old-fashioned way, by being a terrible candidate. Case closed.”
2:26 PM – 17 Feb 2018

Trump then highlighted Rod Rosenstein’s point that the indictment unveiled on Friday made no allegation of participation by any Americans. And also that it didn’t allege the Russians had changed the result of the election. So what? Mueller is still working. No one on his team has been laid off. No moving truck has backed up to his office. Who knows what other indictments are in the offing?

After the Manafort indictment on financial crimes, the White House wasted no time announcing that ‘proved’ there was no Russian interference in the election. A claim which has not weathered well.

Donald J. Trump‏@realDonaldTrump

Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein stated at the News Conference: “There is no allegation in the indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.
2:36 PM – 17 Feb 2018

Then Trump claimed the media was silent on the 2014 start date of the Russian shenanigans. Ignoring the many reports referencing the year. And he pooh-poohed the idea that he was the Kremlin’s boy because the group was set up “long before my run for President”.

Again, so what? The Russians knew there would be an election in 2016. They just didn’t know who their ‘useful idiot’ was going to be. (Or did they? Was his run demanded by his Russian handlers?)

Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump

Funny how the Fake News Media doesn’t want to say that the Russian group was formed in 2014, long before my run for President. Maybe they knew I was going to run even though I didn’t know!
2:46 PM – 17 Feb 2018

Trump believes that the VP of Facebook ads is a trustworthy source. But as the indictment shows the Russians excelled at disguising themselves as Americans. So there is no way Goldman can be sure his statement is accurate.

More importantly, the main thrust of the Russian election interference was through fake memes, hashtags, FB pages, and social media groups — not through paid ads. And we haven’t heard any Facebook estimate on those.

 Donald J. Trump Retweeted Rob Goldman

The Fake News Media never fails. Hard to ignore this fact from the Vice President of Facebook Ads, Rob Goldman!

Rob Goldman @robjective
The majority of the Russian ad spend happened AFTER the election.  We shared that fact, but very few outlets have covered it because it doesn’t align with the main media narrative of Tump and the election.  https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/10/hard-questions-russian-ads-delivered-to-congress/ …
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3:11 PM – 17 Feb 2018

And the fact that Goldman’s tweets really don’t address the bulk of the Russian interference didn’t stop from Trump from doubling down on his misdirection.

 Donald J. Trump Retweeted Rob Goldman

“I have seen all of the Russian ads and I can say very definitively that swaying the election was *NOT* the main goal.” Rob Goldman Vice President of Facebook Ads

Rob Goldman @robjective
Most of the coverage of Russian meddling involves their attempt to effect the outcome of the 2016 US election.  I have seen all of the Russian ads and I can say very definitively that swaying the election was *NOT* the main goal.
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3:16 PM – 17 Feb 2

Who knows where the Mueller investigation is going and where it will end up? And only Mueller and his team know what further indictments there will be. But one thing this indictment did do was force Trump to admit that the Russians and not a ‘400-pound man’ interfered in the election.

Trump is not a rational man, nor is a reasoner. No claim he makes is rooted in truth. He says what he thinks he can get away with. Ultimately, no matter what Trump tweets Mueller will not be swayed — however, he may find some unintended testimony.


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