Election 2020

By now Trump latest offensive tweet has made the rounds, and the clear sexist language disparaging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been noted and scorned. Here’s the tweet:

The “would do anything” is obvious sexual innuendo. But why should she do anything? Why should she beg? Unlike Trump, she wins her elections by huge margins in the popular vote. In fact, in 2012 she won her senatorial election by a larger vote margin than Hillary’s margin over Donnie in 2016.

Lightweight? Hardly. She’s kicking his ass in social media — and he knows it. She calls for his resignation, and the Republicans don’t spring to his defense. She is a leading spokeswoman for a voting bloc implacably opposed to his piggish social views.

Flunky? I’m sure she shows Schumer respect as the Minority Leader and as her senior Senator. But she’s her own, powerful, woman. She didn’t vote as Schumer did on the Iran deal. And there is nothing to suggest she would follow Schumer blindly down any path.

Disloyal? Senators are loyal to their constituents — not the senior figures in their political party. It’s a concept Trump will never wrap his mind around.

Fighting against Trump? You bet she is. She’s smart, hard-assed and has done more — especially on healthcare, women’s issues, and civil rights — than most in the Senate. Not to mention that she is a prodigious fundraiser. And the opposition has taken note of her. Let Chuck Grassley compliment her for:

“her determination and knowledge and willingness to sit down one on one with senators and explain what she is up to”

Gillibrand will be in political office long after Trump has been toppled by his crimes or forced into ignominy by electoral defeat. And in a delicious irony, she may well be the next occupant of his chair.


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