“Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God.” ― Lenny Bruce

Why are some Christians so full of religious excesses? Since Caitlyn Jenner shed her old Bruce persona, many conservative types have been sniggering. Fox News’ Neil Cavuto couldn’t resist. Yucking it up with his chuckling sidekick, “Charlene, I mean Charles, Payne”. But nobody expects anything but puerility from Fox.

On the other hand, Jesus charged his followers to show compassion. A value conspicuously lacking in Mike Huckabee. On the news of Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance Mike wistfully channeled his inner pedophile. In remarks at the 2015 National Religious Broadcasters Convention he told the assembled ‘good folk’ that he wished he could have pretended to be transgendered in high school – so that he could watch the girls shower.

Never does this lover of religious excesses find the empathy to imagine what it must be like to actually be transgender in high school. But what do you expect from someone who excuses abuse in the Duggar family. (h/t Buzz Feed)


It is a poor religion that strips a man of his humanity. North Carolina Pastor, Scott Carpenter, gave the Kings Mountain High School’s annual baccalaureate service. He told the gay graduates they were going to hell. Did he mean any harm? No at all (in his thinking). Carpenter explained, “Do I hate anybody? Absolutely not. I just love them too much not to tell them the truth.”

He added, “Was I trying to be mean spirited? Absolutely not. Was I trying to hurt somebody’s feelings? Absolutely not. I was simply had to do what I had to do as a Christian minister”.

Jesus weeps.


Ken Ham, best known as the creator of the Creationism Museum, is (obviously) not a believer of evolution. When legendary astronaut, John Glenn, pointed out that science and faith are eminently compatible Ham came in over the top. After citing some irrelevancies from the least scientific of all books – the Bible – he added, “you absolutely cannot turn an amoeba into an astronaut”.

But you can turn water into wine? Bread and wine into the flesh and blood of Christ? These are not people fond of the scientific method.




Gordon Klingenschmitt, is an ex-military chaplain, elected Colorado official and all-around religious nut. He has said gays want to execute Christians. That Obama is a demon. And Obamacare cause cancer. His latest inanity is that, since the Irish showed decency in legalizing gay marriage, snakes in the forms of demons have reentered Ireland. Which raises the question: Is excessive religiosity a mental illness? (h/t Ontop Magazine)




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