Michael Davis, Vice-Chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party thought it an excellent idea to share a Facebook video uploaded by Mike Nikolaou of Athens, Greece. The video includes news coverage from WPTV during the Parkland shooting. It shows the active shooter training undertaken by the Broward County schools and other schools around the nation.

Heartless insanity from the lunatic fringe – also known as the Republican Party.

Somehow from this Davis divined that the shooting had been faked. His post claims that:

…. the video depicts students in Parkland, Fla., “rehearsing” before “the fake shooting aired by NBC,” with hashtags including “#CrisisActors” and “#FalseFlag” — claiming that the shooting and deaths were faked and staged for some purpose.

Which raises the question, why were the Florida Republicans in on this fake shooting?

Every school massacre attracts the tinfoil-hat, conspiracy theorists. But unlike Sandy Hook, which took place in left-wing Connecticut, the Broward slaughter was in Florida, where the Governor, the Attorney General, and the state government are all Republican. It is not credible they were all duped. So for some reason, they must have bought into the scam.

I cannot think why they should have. Perhaps they were hoping the Democrats would overplay the gun control hand and it would fire up the gun nuts in the November elections. If so they badly miscalculated, as for once a school massacre has actually caused some discomfort to the gun lobby and the gun issue may help the Democrats this time around.

The absurdity doesn’t stop there. If the shooting was indeed false, how did the conspirators get the entire community to buy into it? Broward is a Democratic county but there are a healthy number of Republicans. Wouldn’t one have noticed that 17 children who were part of the community that morning haven’t been seen since?

And further, there are almost 3,000 students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Allowing for attrition that leaves say, 5,000 parents. Is every single one of them in on the plot? And are both the Broward County sheriff’s department and the Coral Springs PD — to the last deputy and officer —  complicit in the conspiracy?

The Cobb County GOP Chairman, Jason Shepherd, had the good sense not to support his Vice-Chairman’s position — but he didn’t repudiate it. He did, however, go on a grammatically-challenged rant about lefties:

Maybe 11Alive should focus on the fact these so-called “student lead” protests are anything but with left winged organizations from the ACLU to the SCLC just in Cobb County when it opens the door legally for outside political organizations using students to disrupt the school day when the US is already ranked near the bottom in education among industrialized nations. If a school district opens the door to one, then under Equal Protection they must allow any group of students to stage walkouts. What will this do to education in America?

As usual with conservatives, there was no empathy — not one word of regret for the loss of life — nor any sympathy expressed for the family or friends of the dead.



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