Conservatives cannot grasp that there is such a thing as grassroots organizing — which makes you wonder how genuinely populist the Tea Party was. They will not believe — or find it inconvenient to admit — that the teens marching across America today did so under their own initiative.

Let Tucker Carlson exemplify the standard conservative narrative on the subject. On his Fox News show last night he opined that the March For Our Lives was backed by

“wealthy and powerful people, billionaire Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo and many others”

It is an embellishment to the usual claim that George Soros is sponsoring the protests. And it also fails the reality test. If liberal money is buying the protestors where are they handing out the cash? It was the same claim made to discredit the 2017 Women’s Marches. And then as now, no evidence was found to verify this phantom cash.

And if liberal money is influencing the process — in a manner never explained — then how is that any different from the actions of the Kochs and the other mega-doners to all things right-wing?

If Carlson wants money out of politics, I’m all for it. But Tucker’s aim is merely to discredit the genuine grassroots movements that only the left-wing produces. Like every Conservative who is kowtowing to some special interest and currying favor from the wealthy, he finds it easy to point the finger at liberals and accuse them of the same soul selling he finds so easy.

Another charge levied to cast aspersions at this youthful plea for sensible gun laws is that these teens are ‘too young’ to know what’s good for them. They should stay quiet, grind their way through the school day and leave the lawmaking to the adults, is the right-wing demand.

Let’s bat this absurdity away. First, students who have seen death first hand, and have heard the sound of gunfire directed at them, have the experience to speak on the subject. Second, an entire generation was born after the Columbine massacre, and not one thing has been done on guns in their lifetimes. Even the prohibition on semi-automatic weapons expired. Third, if knowledge and maturity are requisites for legislative authority, then half of today’s legislators fail the standard.

And lastly, doesn’t the language smack of the dismissive manner with which women and minorities were, and often still are, treated? The old white patriarchy is steeped in the belief only they know something

Carlson also presents his other highlight line:

“Thousands of activists will descend on Washington to demand that you be punished for crimes others committed.”  

What punishment are they demanding? The ban on semi-automatic guns? We already prohibit the private ownership of automatic weapons (a measure the NRA backed when it was an organization that promoted responsible gun ownership) so banning another class is an act of line drawing.

How about universal background checks? The vast majority of Americans — including gun owners — support that. We have sobriety checkpoints because some people drive drunk. Do sober drivers think this is a reasonable measure or that is a punishment for them?

Even the NRA agrees that devices that convert semi-automatics to fully automatic should be subject to ‘additional regulation’. So they, as well as the Supreme Court, agree the 2nd amendment is not absolute.

And lastly, there is the standard gun-grab paranoia. For eight years the gun zealot was warned that Obama was coming for his guns – a warning that proved utterly specious. If you listen to what these gun-regulation demanding students marchers are saying, almost to the last teen they acknowledge that the 2nd amendment does guarantee gun ownership to law-abiding, sane citizens.

Are there some fringe individuals advocating a gun ban? I am sure there are – as I am equally sure that on the other side there are fringe individuals who believe the citizen should have the right to own bazookas and battle tanks.


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