“People are sheep. TV is the shepherd.” ― Jess C. Scott

Thank God there’s an election coming up – we might run out of Ebola cases and then what would the hysterical media report on? ISIS is letting down the side by failing to capture Kobani. Although they are trying by launching coordinated attack against the Kurds. Even so, they can no longer be presented as the existential threat they once were. And cutting heads off loses its shock value.

In Indiana, a serial killer caused a bit of a stir when he revealed the location of 7 bodies. But the narrative lacks drama. Serial killer stories are much more exhilarating when the corpses pile up, while the perp eludes discovery.

The Houston Mayor’s heavy-handed subpoenas of local churches – and Pakistan’s sentencing of a Christian woman to death for blasphemy – have given the Christian right fodder for outrage. Which is timely, as anti-gay marriage bigotry is going the way of Members Only jackets. But subpoenas are unsexy – and Pakistan will likely cave on actually executing the poor woman.

With Congress out of town, there is no media hyperventilating over committee meetings rehashing Benghazi, the IRS, the VA, and the NSA. Had Ebola hit earlier we could have had a whole series of pointless, public spankings of public health officials breathlessly analyzed by the punditocracy. But it didn’t.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are doing their best to roil the waters, but their hearts don’t really seem in it.

The GOP candidates have – as a rule – been of the mainstream (relatively speaking) sort. Which means there are few absurdists of the Tea Party to bemuse us with their fantastical theories – or to whip up the media with talk of UN plots.

All-in-all it’s boring. But I’m sure not for long.