Is Mar-a-Lago a Shithole?

by Pitt Griffin on January 13, 2018 · 0 comments

in Immigration, Trump presidency

Trump talks about his love for the American worker, but meanwhile, he hires foreign laborers as seasonal employees for Mar-a-Lago. Last July, the Trump organization requested permission to hire 70 non-Americans for the upcoming season.

He justifies this hypocrisy by claiming that he can’t find any Americans to fill the position. It will come as no surprise that he lied. As per ‘The Cornell Daily Sun’ by way of WaPo:

“Since 2010, federal records show that nearly 300 American workers have applied to or been referred for jobs at Trump’s private club, but only 17 of those workers have been hired.”

I can only speculate why. I suppose it’s possible that 283 Americans were too unskilled to wash dishes and mop floors. But it is more likely that foreign workers were less likely to complain about things like unpaid overtime and other dodgy labor practices. Certainly, they would be less likely to hire lawyers.

Regardless, let’s have a look where these workers come from:

“the club has relied on employing foreigners largely from Romania and Haiti”

Haiti? Isn’t that on Trump’s list of ‘shithole’ countries? Didn’t he complain that we had enough of them here? Isn’t he trying to send scads of them back? Of course, he did. But this is not a man whose words have anything to do with his actions. His public statements will never interrupt his pursuit of private profit.

Coda: Trump’s tax claim is that giving more money to business will raise worker pay. Mar-a-Lago membership fees doubled. The price to attend its events has gone up. So in the face of this let’s ask: Have the salaries of its employees risen?


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