“In thy foul throat thou liest.” ― William Shakespeare, Richard III

Carly Fiorina lies – as do most politicians. But where Carly goes wrong is in the specificity of her lies. It’s too easy to check her veracity. Good politicians say things like, “homosexuals have an agenda”, “all Muslims might be terrorists”, “global warming is a scientific conspiracy”. Statements too vague to conclusively refute.

Did she really do a background check on her hairdresser? Or is it just another Fiorina fabrication?

Did she really do a background check on her hairdresser? Or is it just another Fiorina fabrication?

In this week’s CNN debate she accused Obama of dismissing generals who disagreed with him – specifying Gen. David Petraeus, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Gen. James Mattis, Gen Jack Keane and Lt. Gen Michael Flynn. Unfortunately, for her credibility, Keane, on Fox News, pointed out that he had never worked for Obama – or even spoken to him.

And Petraeus was promoted to Director of the CIA before he resigned after an adulterous affair and sloppy handling of classified material. (h/t Salon)


Carly Fiorina has a liking for animals in her campaign ads. In one of the classic ‘what the hell” moments of political marketing she unleashed the ‘demon sheep’ during her 2012 campaign for the US Senate.

Now her mammalian props are dogs. She asks people to vote Republican because Obama eats dogs. And she uses her canine assets for debate prep. It’s all a bit confusing.

And I’m not sure why she wants to alienate cat people.


Janine Turner is an actress best known for her role as a bush pilot on the TV show ‘Northern Exposure’, is a self-described conservative/libertarian. She, like Megyn Kelly, has trouble differentiating between fantasy and fact. Kelly famous declared that everyone knows Santa Claus is white. Turner explains that Darth Vader wears black because – “Regarding Darth Vader, please! The Bible talks darkness and light. This is about evil and good. Darkness and light.”

Adding: “This doesn’t have anything to do with anything else, this goes back to biblical times, It’s been discussed in the Bible, Jesus talks about it. It’s about darkness and light, evil and good.”

So where does that leave priests and nuns? (h/t Raw Story)


Turner’s comments were a reaction to MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry’s belief that Star Wars is racist because when Darth Vader is a bad guy, he was black – but when he died as a good guy, he was white. It’s ridiculous. Darth Vader’s children, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker are about as white as you get. And the only reason you could think that Vader is black is because James Earl Jones spoke Darth Vader’s lines- not because he was black, but because he has an awesome voice. (h/t Mediaite)




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October 25, 2014

A Judge in Puerto Rico upheld the state’s law prohibiting gay marriage. This caused the conservative Washington Times to run an editorial celebrating the “good news”. The editorial characterized the support for gay marriage as “emotion-driven liberal judicial activism”. It’s always activism when you disagree with a judges decision. Finally the editorial slams federal judges […]

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In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. – Mark Twain The school board of Jefferson County, Colorado, is pissed that the schools want to teach unvarnished history. Specifically the newly elected conservatives object to AP History – with its reliance on “facts”.  Let Julie Williams  explain, “I’m not […]

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Fox News Cooks Up Fake ISIS Plot

August 31, 2014

Fox News can lie, and claim to not lie, by the simple expedient of attributing the lies to someone else. The classic formulation is “people are saying”. To further give substance to smoke, Fox will also quote groups like “Judicial Watch” – which sounds official. But the name gives no clue that this is a […]

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August 4, 2014

Bryan Fischer has seen the light – and it has blinded him. This bigots’ bigot sees things that are not there; claiming in a piece for the ‘Charisma News’ that, “…the First Amendment, as given by the Founders, provides religious liberty protections for Christianity only.” Pull that amendment apart. Look closely from all angles. Sift […]

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The GOP Makes A Scandal Mountain out of a Prisoner Exchange Molehill

June 6, 2014

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” ― Bertrand Russell. The intensity of the GOP’s emotion surrounding the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl reflects political derangement, not a rational review of the President’s actions. For years, the GOP piously pleaded Bergdahl’s case. Even at his release, many GOPers were celebrating and tweeting […]

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June 3, 2014

Louisiana misses an opportunity to address heroin use. Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) signed a bill that increases maximum and minimum penalties for heroin dealing – in reaction to an increase in heroin use in the Pelican State. No doubt the law and order types feel “mission accomplished”. But if the aim is to reduce heroin […]

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