An old political joke has it that all liberal bumper stickers end with the same words — “continued on next bumper sticker”. Conservatives may not be right, but they are concise — and memorable. Who can forget “death panels”, “death taxes”. “job-killing” or, on a more optimistic note,  “job creators”?

Now let’s look at how Democrats approach things. Here’s a tweet from Rep. Adam Schiff:

Adam Schiff‏ @RepAdamSchiff

I’m increasingly worried Republicans will shut down the House Intelligence Committee investigation at the end of the month. Here’s why:

“Increasingly worried”? He sounds like an old-time schoolmarm warning concerned parents about a rambunctious son. But your foot on the gas, Adam. Let them have it. How about: “Why are Republicans shutting down the Russian investigation. What are they hiding?” 

Here’s Eric Holder on the drumbeat of criticism and constant attacks by the GOP and Fox News on the Mueller investigation:

“Any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated.”

By who? It’s as wishy-washy as: “Mistakes were made”. It’s the passive voice. It allows the weak-kneed to point fingers without actually taking anyone on. No one is making mistakes. No one is ‘not tolerating’.

Let’s get Americans involved. Sharpen elbows and throw them around. “No patriot will tolerate any attempt by Trump to remove Bob Mueller.” “Americans have to know the truth.” Or “Only the guilty fear investigation.”

Some Democrats get it. David Litt has a useful post on The Daily Beast. “How Doug Jones Destroyed Roy Moore’s Whole Shtick with One Well-Chosen Verb”. In it he highlights Jones’ reaction to Moore’s display of gun ownership.

“When you see me with a gun, folks, I’ll be climbing in and out of a deer stand or a turkey blind, not prancing around on a stage in a cowboy suit.”

Is there a more emasculating word than “prancing”? “On a stage” smacks of Broadway – nudge nudge. And who can’t hear “cowboy suit” and not think of little kids at a costume party?

This week two thing happened that gave the Democrats plenty of ammunition for the 2018 mid-terms. The FCC repealed net-neutrality. And the GOP came together on a tax give away to corporate America. But if liberals want to use these political gifts effectively they cannot waffle their way to the election.

And that’s why they need a better spokesman than Chuck Schumer. Here’s his take on the rape of internet freedoms:

Congress must act. That’s why I am throwing my full support behind a resolution to restore the 2015 Open Internet Order & put our much-needed #netneutrality rules back in place.

Nobody gives a shit about a ‘resolution’ or some 2015 order, or even about the ‘I’ and ‘full support’. Can you imagine Winston Churchill saying: “Parliament must act. That’s why I am throwing my full support behind a resolution to fight on the beaches and if, we need to, on the landing grounds and perhaps some other places.”

Nancy Pelosi also has issues with verbosity.

How dare Republicans give a permanent, unpaid-for $1.5 trillion tax rate cut to corporations, while insisting that a temporary 5-yr extension of CHIP for 9 million vulnerable children be paid for by ransacking other vital commitments to children’s health.

How about: “How dare Republicans give corporations $1.5 trillion while telling sick kids: “Too bad, we have no money”.

In fairness, Pelosi has had better efforts. Here’s one:

The #GOPTaxScam has grown more outrageous and cowardly with each version. The American people see it for exactly the #BillionairesFirst con job it is.

I like the hashtags, the adjectives, the brevity and the lack of the first person singular. More of the same please Nancy.

Active, short and a kick in the ass — that’s the ticket.


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