A passenger on a cross-country Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Toronto had a hissy fit when he couldn’t have fish. According to a  witness the man was belligerent to the flight attendant who couldn’t fulfill his meal request. He described the oaf’s behavior as: ‘If I don’t get fish, there will be a problem. One way or another, I will get my fish, either you serve it to me or I will serve it to myself’.

HIs behavior forced the plane to return to the gate. And while the miscreant was taken off, the Captain reported that the flight crew would exceed their allowed work hours and a new crew had to be found. Five hours later the plane took off.

No alcohol was reportedly involved, so from whence came the belief that your dietary needs are more important than the cumulative time of every other passenger on the plane?

But at least he didn’t put the other passengers’ health at risk — unlike the 24 parents in Rockland County NY who are suing to do so.

These champions of the ‘it’s all about me’ school of social philosophy have chosen not to vaccinate their kids for ‘religious’ reasons. So be it. However, an outbreak of measles has caused the local health department to mandate up-to-date vaccinations for kids to attend school.

The parents are now suing in federal court, arguing that their ‘religious freedom’ is being trampled. Sorry, nobody’s religious freedom entitles them to put other kids at risk. If you don’t want to vaccinate your kids, home school them.

Buzzfeed revealed that 50 people will be indicted in a nationwide college admittance fraud. Rich folk paid others to take their kids’ exams, while test administrators took money to look the other way. Other kids had their resumes doctored to make them appear to be athletes and thus gain admission through sports quotas after coaches took the wealthy’s largesse.

No doubt the parents rationalized it as just doing whatever was advantageous for their child — but for every kid who bought a spot took that spot from a kid whose parents were honest or couldn’t do the same. The rich already have the means to hire tutors and/or send their kids to great schools — to cheat like this is adding selfishness to fraud. 


Really? 2.17.19. Lindsey Graham. Fake emergencies. Patriotism. Gun violence. Limbaugh.

February 17, 2019

Lindsey Graham comes out against education. Margaret Brennan, the host of Face the Nation, asked Sen. Lindsey Graham how he felt about Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency diverting funds from the construction of a middle school in Kentucky to fund his wall. He replied “I would say it’s better for the middle school kids in […]

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Whiners: Heidi Cruz Can’t Buy a Second Home. David Brat Says He Is Worse off than a Drug Addict.

October 21, 2018

Which came first, whining or conservatism? Trump complained that the election was fixed before he won. And then when he did win, he complained that millions of illegal votes were cast, denying him the popular vote. Now he complains about ‘fake media’ which is code for reporting he doesn’t like. And it’s not just Trump. The rest […]

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The Rise of neo-McCarthyism.

March 19, 2018

Sebastian Gorka, the British-born, Hungarian Nazi — who rode his racist bona fides from dubious academic distinction in Hungary to the xenophobia of Trump’s ‘America First’ administration — has channeled one of America’s most shameless politicians to underpin his political philosophy. This oleaginous smarm gave a big clue to the roots of his thinking when he celebrated the […]

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Be Careful, It’s Dumb Out There. A Few Stories from the Pit of Politics.

December 21, 2017

Sean Hannity is not known for an incisive intelligence. Which is probably an advantage in his line of work. It would hardly pay to be known for having brains when your stock in trade is to ridicule intelligence. But sometimes his idiocy is so ripe you have to pay attention. Such as in his tweet where he castigates NBC —  […]

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All Votes Count; Trump Assassination Paranoia; And Some Other Postcards from the Political Edge.

December 19, 2017

Yes Virginia, your vote does count. Before the November elections in Virginia, the House of Delegates (the lower house) was dominated by Republican representatives 66-34. After a stronger than anticipated performance in the election, the Democrats were within striking distance of ending up in a tie depending on the results of several recounts. And they […]

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Really? 9.9.17 Pruitt Promotes Polio; Limbaugh’s Folly; Trump & Churches; Sikhs & Sharia.

September 9, 2017

Too soon? Scott Pruitt, the EPA Administrator, says that we shouldn’t talk about climate change while Irma is bearing down on the US. That’s absurd. If we waited until there was no polio to start work on preventing polio, there would still be polio. The cancer of climate denial. Big tobacco denied the connection between smoking and […]

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Who Had the Dumbest Harvey Tweet? Walsh, Osteen or Trump (Donald or Eric)?

August 31, 2017

Twitter is like alcohol – it doesn’t change you, it reveals you. And what it reveals is that there are a lot of dumbasses out there. Take Joe Walsh. This ex-Illinois Representative took exception to a satirical magazine’s cover cartoon celebrating God drowning fascists with Hurricane Harvey. The cartoon was inflammatory and insensitive – and Walsh was […]

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What Trump Did on His Summer Vacation (So Far).

August 11, 2017

In the news this week, one crazy haired madman, with his finger on the nuclear trigger, dared another crazy haired madman to fire his missiles. The threat came with Wagnerian Gotterdammerung as Trump warned Kim Jong-un that there would be ‘fire and fury‘ because America was ‘locked and loaded‘. Is his script written by the NRA […]

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