Sean Hannity is not known for an incisive intelligence. Which is probably an advantage in his line of work. It would hardly pay to be known for having brains when your stock in trade is to ridicule intelligence. But sometimes his idiocy is so ripe you have to pay attention. Such as in his tweet where he castigates NBC —  for being ‘conspiracy tv’ — by linking to an NBC News article.

Also low in the intellectual rankings is Rand Paul — the man caught plagiarizing Wikipedia because he was dumb enough to quote it verbatim. Paul has joined the “Democrats were trying to fix the election” crowd. Tweeting:

It may not be as bad as Pence’s obsequiousness — but Paul is bowing low before the throne. And the caps, exclamation points & hyperbole, are nothing more than a poodle’s yipping.

Roy Moore is an evil shit. A dyed in the wool kiddie-diddler, he rips off his charity to feather his nest and sponsor his campaigns. He pledges a cynical allegiance to the Constitution while ignoring its requirements. He has been dismissed from the Alabama Supreme Court twice for ignoring the rules. And now he lacks the decency to concede a race he cannot win.

Now a there is a ‘Judge Roy Moore for U. S. Senate’ Facebook post with nothing but a link to an article in ‘Advocate’ featuring Carson Jones, Doug Jones’s gay son. What purpose does it serve Moore? Either he has seen the light and is celebrating homosexuality. Or is he giving his supporters one last treat?


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The UN has voted its opinion on Donald Trump’s call to move the American Embassy in Israel. The final vote on a resolution criticizing America was 128-9. Besides Israel, America’s team comprises Togo, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, Micronesia, Palau, Honduras, and Guatemala. Every major US ally abstained or voted to censure the US. Canada and Mexico

In 2006, ‘Darlene McBride’ on MadTV gave us a glimpse into the America of 2017. It’s as if she had a crystal ball. To quote the sizeable orange thing: “Enjoy”.


All Votes Count; Trump Assassination Paranoia; And Some Other Postcards from the Political Edge.

December 19, 2017

Yes Virginia, your vote does count. Before the November elections in Virginia, the House of Delegates (the lower house) was dominated by Republican representatives 66-34. After a stronger than anticipated performance in the election, the Democrats were within striking distance of ending up in a tie depending on the results of several recounts. And they […]

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Really? 9.9.17 Pruitt Promotes Polio; Limbaugh’s Folly; Trump & Churches; Sikhs & Sharia.

September 9, 2017

Too soon? Scott Pruitt, the EPA Administrator, says that we shouldn’t talk about climate change while Irma is bearing down on the US. That’s absurd. If we waited until there was no polio to start work on preventing polio, there would still be polio. The cancer of climate denial. Big tobacco denied the connection between smoking and […]

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Who Had the Dumbest Harvey Tweet? Walsh, Osteen or Trump (Donald or Eric)?

August 31, 2017

Twitter is like alcohol – it doesn’t change you, it reveals you. And what it reveals is that there are a lot of dumbasses out there. Take Joe Walsh. This ex-Illinois Representative took exception to a satirical magazine’s cover cartoon celebrating God drowning fascists with Hurricane Harvey. The cartoon was inflammatory and insensitive – and Walsh was […]

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What Trump Did on His Summer Vacation (So Far).

August 11, 2017

In the news this week, one crazy haired madman, with his finger on the nuclear trigger, dared another crazy haired madman to fire his missiles. The threat came with Wagnerian Gotterdammerung as Trump warned Kim Jong-un that there would be ‘fire and fury‘ because America was ‘locked and loaded‘. Is his script written by the NRA […]

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Really? – 8.6.17 – NRA threats; Fox’s Weiner; Medvedev Has His Fun; Pence the Sanctimonious Git; Gingrich Racist.

August 6, 2017

You know the NRA is nervous. They wheeled out Dana Loesch to make a hysterical (in any sense you want) video threatening the NY Times that the NRA is “coming for you”. The apocalyptic message lost some of its sting when a debate erupted over whether Loesch claimed she would ‘fisk’ or ‘fist’ the Times (look it up). […]

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Really? 7.19.17. Healthcare on Life Support; Trump whines; Asset Forfeiture; Trump’s Magic Math.

July 19, 2017

Donald Trump: Repeal, replace, repeal, repeal, replace. Donald Trump demanded that the Senate repeal and replace Obamacare until it became apparent that it couldn’t. So then he demanded that the Senate just repeal it. Until it became clear it couldn’t do that either. Now Trump’s back to repeal and replace  – or no one is […]

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Really? 7.16.17 Raw courage; Pirro Goes to Hell; A Controversial Doctor

July 16, 2017

Courage uncovered. In a country where half the population seems to live in an existential dread of terrorists, foreigners, atheists, minorities, gays, and the Clintons, it is good to see there is one group whose courage is laid bare. I speak of nudists. I suspect that the courage to reveal all goes hand in hand […]

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Really? – 5.29.17 – Macron Shows How It’s Done; A Bad Boss; ODS; AHCA

May 29, 2017

 Vive la France The President stood next to Vladamir Putin and accused Russia of spreading “fake news” and “propaganda” during the presidential election. Adding that RT and Sputnik were “organs of influence and propaganda” and “behaved like structures of the government”. It’s too bad for America that the President was France’s Emmanuel Macron.  And I guarantee that […]

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