Pastor Robert Jeffress is a prominent evangelical. He was on hand to lead prayers at the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. His presence illustrates an intrinsic and callous sadism of evangelical philosophy. Especially when it comes to their eschatology — or their understanding of end times.

Let me explain. Evangelicals believe that for the second coming of Christ to occur, Jews must reclaim their biblical lands — comprising Israel and the Palestinian territories, with an undivided Jerusalem as their capital.

Evangelicals have therefore been supportive of the Conservative/Orthodox end of Israel’s political spectrum. These folks, currently led by Bibi Netanyahu, are gung-ho for settlements and the ‘one state’ solution, which meets evangelical religiogeographic needs

With this, Evangelicals have come full circle in their support of Jews. For most of America’s existence anti-semitism was the order of the day. Jews were considered Christ’s murderers. And for two millennia they represented to Christians a fifth column undermining societies with banking cabals and more recently with shady globalist groups.

This change in religious relationships has also been exhibited by the Catholic Church. However, while Catholics, whose beliefs do not demand a biblical reconstruction of the Jewish nation, has embraced a more collegial relationship with all religions, evangelicals have shown a newfound warmth solely for Jews.

However, before Jews celebrate this new comity, they should dig into the evangelicals’ motivations. And there they will find some dark undercurrents. Jeffress himself has made no secret of it. Back in 2010, he said this on the Trinity Broadcast Network:

“Islam is wrong. It is a heresy from the pit of hell. Mormonism is wrong. It is a heresy from the pit of hell.”

He added: “Judaism — you can’t be saved being a Jew. You know who said that, by the way? The three greatest Jews in the New Testament: Peter, Paul and Jesus Christ. They all said Judaism won’t do it. It’s faith in Jesus Christ.”

In Jeffress’ theology, you have the Christian faithful on one side (the winners) and everyone else on the other side (the losers). Come the Day of Judgment, the Jews will find themselves as discarded as a Trump wife. They will be on the same down escalator as all ‘mongrel’ religious affiliates. Today evangelicals may support Jews as warriors against Islamic terrorism, but tomorrow they believe Their God will consign those same Jews and Islamic terrorists to a communal, eternal fiery pit.

With friends like these who needs enemies?


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