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Donald Trump is a bully, and like every bully, he has his sycophants. He’s also a father and like any father his children give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately for Trump, Don Jr. and Eric aren’t doing him any favors — and Ivanka seems to have melted away.

The misogyny won’t die with dad.

Today it was Eric’s turn to take all that’s bad about his father and make it worse.

Here’s the background. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has taken the lead in combating sexual abuse in politics. She was instrumental in Al Franken’s promise to resign. And for the main course, she called on Trump to do likewise.

Trump Sr. reacted as expected — firing off his infamous tweet suggesting that Gillibrand was willing to prostitute herself. Only the mighty misogynist would fight sexual abuse claims with sexism. Further, he suggested that Gillibrand was begging for money —  because he likes to characterize politicians asking for donations as groveling toadies.

Then Eric piled on. Because nothing in politics makes more sense than demeaning the largest single voting bloc — women. You would have thought that the Alabama disaster would have chastened the Trumps. But the ‘watch this, Dad’ instinct runs deep in Eric. And so he echoed what he had heard before:

“I remember Kirsten Gillibrand when she came into his office every three days to ask him for money and ask for major campaign contributions,” Eric said in a Wednesday interview on WABC Radio with Rita Cosby. “There is no one who wanted to get into his office more than Kirsten Gillibrand.”

Every three days? How many times in total Eric? We’ve heard of one visit. And records show Trump gave her $1,050 in 2007, when she was a member of the House of Representatives, and $4,800 in 2010, after her appointment to the Senate. Hardly amounts that would have Gillibrand lusting to get into his office. And, for the non-mathematicians in the audience, that’s nothing in seven years.

And just to add a gratuitous sneer, Eric added

“She follows the whole Schumer playbook.”

Because this man-child, who needs his Dad to tell him how to think, cannot conceive of a US Senator standing on her own two intellectual feet.

Well Eric, should dear old Dad survive until 2020, he’ll find that Gillibrand isn’t a woman that can be pushed around. And should Gillibrand not be the chosen one, the Democrats have others.


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