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Predictably Liberals were not impressed with Trump’s obsequious attitude to Putin in Helsinki. But many conservatives were equally, if not more scathing, in their assessment of Trump’s war on our friends. His fawning over our enemy. And most telling his choice to believe Putin over his own — America’s — intelligence services

Here’s a sampling of Fox News personalities:

John Roberts

Whoa….  There is an avalanche of you-know-what rolling downhill at warp speed toward Donald Trump over this summit.  Republicans – even the DNI are throwing bucketsful at him.

Neil Cavuto

But that doesn’t mean criticize your friends, and give your enemies cover. Nor does it mean demeaning your office by taking cheap shots at predecessors who held that office.

It’s not about decorum. It’s about dignity. It’s not about endearing yourself to America’s institutions. Just not at the expense of praising Russia’s instituions. Mr. President, that doesn’t mean you need to constantly praise us. But on foreign soil, at least, you might consider praising our enemies less.

Shep Smith

“There’s no question, none at all, from [Trump’s] own employees, his own intelligence services, and members of his own party. Russia interfered in our 2016 election and is interfering in the democratic process right now.”

Trish Regan

“[Trump] basically said he didn’t buy what his own intelligence community was telling him,” Regan said. “This was clearly not his best performance… He should have defended us! He should have defended his own intelligence community. Or just don’t take the meeting! Don’t go to Helsinki if you can’t look the guy in the eye and tell him what’s what!”

The Drudge Report

Republican Senators

John McCain

Today’s press conference in #Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.

Lindsey Graham

This answer by President Trump will be seen by Russia as a sign of weakness and create far more problems than it solves.

Susan Collins

Trump demonstrated “his continued refusal to accept the unanimous conclusions of U.S. intelligence leaders and the bipartisan findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  This position is untenable and at odds with the forceful response this moment demands.”

Ben Sasse

“A better thing, Mr. President, would be to declare: ‘Russia is the enemy of America and our allies, and we will expose and respond to their continued cyber-attacks against our nation.'”

Bob Corker

“The president’s comments made us look as a nation … like a pushover.”

“[Putin] knows he’s gained a lot, I would guess he’s having caviar right now.”

Conservative Pundits

Ben Shapiro

“So that was a disgrace.”

Erick Erickson

“I don’t the (think?) [Trump] should be attacking American institutions abroad.”

Lachlan Markay

“Amazingly, that managed to go even worse than everyone expected.”

Tom Nichols

Putin is completely in command of this situation. He’s basically told Trump to go piss up a rope about the GRU guys.

Political gadfly Newt Gingrich:

President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin. It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected—-immediately.

Ex-politician & current radio host Joe Walsh:

Look, I’m no big deal, but today is the final straw for me. I will never support Trump again. If that makes me a NeverTrumper, so be it. I am a tea party conservative, that will never change. But Trump was a traitor to this country today. That must not be accepted. Speak out.

But Trump can salve his ego knowing that his security blanket has his back.

Sean Hannity

These Republicans have been so pathetically weak. They have been so feckless, they have been so visionless, they have been so uninspiring, they can’t keep the simplest of promises, and the only reason that there’s not a massive blue wave developing… is because Donald Trump has single-handedly dragged them all kicking and screaming.”


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