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Another Republican Governor Wants Out of Trump's Offshore Drilling Insanity

South Carolina’s Governor, Henry McMaster, has joined Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, in asking Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, for an exemption from Zinke’s plan to open all waters to offshore drilling. It’s likely that the relatively unremarked rollback of EPA regulations gave Zinke confidence that his ‘drill everywhere’ initiative would be greeted with approval by Trump’s MAGA zealots and the Republicans ...

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Is Mar-a-Lago a Shithole?

Trump talks about his love for the American worker, but meanwhile, he hires foreign laborers as seasonal employees for Mar-a-Lago. Last July, the Trump organization requested permission to hire 70 non-Americans for the upcoming season. He justifies this hypocrisy by claiming that he can’t find any Americans to fill the position. It will ...

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Imperious father, entitled son. The current state of play in politics.

Recording of Bibi's Son Reveals Culture of Entitlement, Misogyny, Prostitutes and Insider Dealing.

A nation’s leader has an ass for a son who has no idea that his only success is due to his father’s wealth, connections and influence. Sound familiar? Only this time it is Israel. The leader is Bibi Netanyahu and the son, Yair Netanyahu. Yair is a drinker — much like another ...

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Iran Bans Teaching English in Primary Schools.

Conservative Iranians think the same way as conservative Americans do. If you don’t like something, if it doesn’t jibe with your worldview, ban it. In America, it is the desire to stop teaching Islam and evolution in high school. In Iran, it is a move to ban teaching English in primary ...

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It's hard to imagine that Jared wouldn't be predisposed to see the Middle-East through Bibi's eyes.

Jared Kushner and the Money from Israel.

Jared Kushner’s companies received a $30 million infusion of cash from an Israeli insurance company, Menora Mivtachim. In most circumstances, this would be unremarkable. But his father-in-law is President of the United States. And not only is Kushner an advisor to Trump, but part of his extensive public portfolio is the charge to broker ...

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Be Careful, It’s Dumb Out There. A Few Stories from the Pit of Politics.

December 21, 2017

Sean Hannity is not known for an incisive intelligence. Which is probably an advantage in his line of work. It would hardly pay to be known for having brains when your stock in trade is to ridicule intelligence. But sometimes his idiocy is so ripe you have to pay attention. Such as in his tweet where he castigates NBC —  […]

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All Votes Count; Trump Assassination Paranoia; And Some Other Postcards from the Political Edge.

December 19, 2017

Yes Virginia, your vote does count. Before the November elections in Virginia, the House of Delegates (the lower house) was dominated by Republican representatives 66-34. After a stronger than anticipated performance in the election, the Democrats were within striking distance of ending up in a tie depending on the results of several recounts. And they […]

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Democrats Need to Speak Fighting Words. It’s Politics, not a Debate.

December 17, 2017

An old political joke has it that all liberal bumper stickers end with the same words — “continued on next bumper sticker”. Conservatives may not be right, but they are concise — and memorable. Who can forget “death panels”, “death taxes”. “job-killing” or, on a more optimistic note,  “job creators”? Now let’s look at how Democrats […]

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Is Eric Trump an Independent Misogynist or Just One Because His Father Is.

December 14, 2017

Donald Trump is a bully, and like every bully, he has his sycophants. He’s also a father and like any father his children give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately for Trump, Don Jr. and Eric aren’t doing him any favors — and Ivanka seems to have melted away. Today it was Eric’s turn to take […]

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Gillibrand Doesn’t Need to Beg. Unlike Trump, She Wins the Popular Vote Easily.

December 12, 2017

By now Trump latest offensive tweet has made the rounds, and the clear sexist language disparaging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been noted and scorned. Here’s the tweet: The “would do anything” is obvious sexual innuendo. But why should she do anything? Why should she beg? Unlike Trump, she wins her elections by huge margins in […]

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Moore Thinks the Constitution Goes too Far. (Or, What’s Wrong with Slavery? People Were Happy.)

December 11, 2017

In 2011, Roy Moore told a radio show getting rid of constitutional amendments after the Tenth Amendment would ‘eliminate many problems’. As a lawyer and an ‘on-again, off-again’ judge, Moore knows exactly what those amendments say. So let us have a look at what he objected to. Amendments fall into two categories – ones that extend rights, […]

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The Democrats Talked Tough on Franken and Let ‘Pussy-Grabber’ & the Pedophile Slide

December 7, 2017

Al Franken resigned. And he had to. There may be a debate about the relative seriousness of the various abuse claims. But the sheer number — now eight — made Franken’s position untenable. But the way the Democrats went about it was pathetic. They lost a man who had been good on women’s issues and got […]

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Trump Is a Character from A Greek Tragedy. Perhaps Icarus.

December 2, 2017

I have no expertise, training, or background in psychology. But that’s OK. For years conservatives have cast aspersions on knowledge – viewing it with suspicion. Now Trump has made expertise peripheral to advancement. God forbid that a job goes to someone who can do it. So, having established my credentials, let me offer my opinion of Donald Trump’s […]

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Conservatism Cannot Make America Great

November 27, 2017

Conservatism is not the future of America. It is instead a backward-looking philosophy – which dreams of recreating some imaginary Edenic past in today’s America. But thinking folk know that today’s America will never be yesterday’s. And besides yesterday’s America wasn’t so good for millions. Things have changed. We’re not nearly as white as we used […]

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